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34 мысли о “WORLD'S DEEPEST METRO STATION (Bomb Shelter)

  1. Milen Stoyanov сказал:

    "Arsenalna’s unusual depth is attributed to Kiev's geography. The station entrance lies at top of a steep valley next to the Dnieper River whose high banks rise above the rest of the city. Arsenalna’s adjacent station, Dnipro, lies just above ground level close to the river bank before the metro line dives into the ground under Dnieper’s high banks. In order to avoid a steep descent, the Arsenalna station had to be built on the same level which required the station’s entrance to be at the top of the banks, more than a hundred meters above."

  2. Natalia Mitiaev сказал:

    Wow I thought it couldn't get any deeper than Porter Square on the red line in Boston. That station was also built as a bunker.

    Wow thanks for the heart!

    Here's another fun fact:
    My uncle Edmund died on a bench outside Porter Square.

  3. Andrew Flyer сказал:

    Nice video Nick, work like this makes your channel so distinctive and enjoyable. Indeed, very similar to Pyongyang subway at 300 feet, even the escalators and lighting are almost identical (both soviet ere) However, Kiev whips its a$$ at 350 feet. I used Yeouinaru station in Korea 2 years ago at -95 feet and the escalators gave me vertigo !!! Nice work mate.

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