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30 мыслей о “Why Would You TRAVEL To "UNPOPULAR" COUNTRIES?

  1. Abo AlRiyan сказал:

    Hi Peter,
    Your channel grown but it's growing very slow. It need some marketing and cooperation with other channels. In term of contents it's one of the best traveling channels. Well it's not traveling, it's more like international documentary/story/ investigation channel.
    Whatever, there are lots of very interesting and unique contents that you won't find anywhere.
    My advice, try to market your channel a bit more. Hold some live streaming a lot of people here have many questions about the places you have visited and they are interested to ask you. Invite some other travelers to to be on the live stream. Currently it's down time because of covid19 and many people at home.
    Best wishes

  2. Honey O сказал:

    not everyone believes or engages in "western" news or media. Its all about talking to the people in your community and asking where were they from before here. i was offered a job once in Kazakstan, i said 'no way, its just desert nothing there!" Ooooh how wrong after seeing your video ! thank you

  3. Afa 24 сказал:

    Thank U for doing what U do, I learned a lot about the world through your videos,
    I live in the U.S and it was so frustrating to me how Americans have no idea about other countries or very limited knowledge of cultures, I’m so happy to see the opposite here.

  4. Joseph C сказал:

    I don't think we are that obsessed with drama, but it is being pushed on us. There is a narrative in the media saying crime stories are the most popular type of programs for example… According to ratings, now if you look up how ratings are calculated it will show you that select households have a box in their home recording all their viewing data. Who has these at home? I know of nobody. Do you? I don't like crime and murder stories, I did like a book about terrorism by Daniele Ganser "NATO's secret armies…", Comedy, stories about people's lives, not horror movies… I did read some Steven King when I was younger but only because it was over-hyped and easy reading.

  5. Fabrizio M сказал:

    You are an amazing Youtuber Peter. I have just recently discovered your channel and I am 100% you will make it big, as your narrative is interesting and engaging and you are not forcing anything. It is just who you are. All the best of luck!

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