What to Do in Pittsburgh | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

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Beyond Pittsburgh’s pretty downtown, transformation and momentum reign, with former industrial areas giving way to restaurants, shops and art venues.

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  1. Dino J сказал:

    Id Like to come and visit Pittsburgh one day, looks like a cool city (little too hipstery for my taste), but i heard there are a lot of Croatians living there. It would be a great expirience to meet all those people that are far away from home. Greetings from Croatia ????

  2. Nickolas сказал:

    Don’t go to these places if you’re thinking about going to PGH! I’ve been living here my whole life and the best places to go are:
    Ross Park Mall
    Sand Castle
    The Waterfront
    Fort Necessity & Ligonier (at fort ligonier, they have GEORGE WASHINGTONS black powder pistols on display.)
    Lake Erie

  3. chaotic B81 сказал:

    67,000 people have fled Pittsburgh since 1990. It's a high tax city with a 3% city wage tax, on top of your 3% state income tax without the infrastructure to justify such taxes. It doesn't even have a bike lane system and the roads are in disrepair. What is the city doing with all of those tax dollars? Wasting them.

  4. Robertson Tirado сказал:

    NYT came to my neighborhood twice and did video about people and business who been there for no more than two years. They pass the rich history of the people who lived here 30-60 years. So any video by NYT I won't believe it's authentic of a place I've never been.

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