What is ERITREA? ??(ITALY in Africa?)

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35 мыслей о “What is ERITREA? ??(ITALY in Africa?)

  1. AMAR TIWARY сказал:

    Drew what s ur real experience Eritrea as i just saw documentary on this country by VICE where they called it North Korea of Africa.. also they said it's impossible to get any info out of the country.. pls show some light

  2. AlexB the journey сказал:

    I'm italian and i used to have my italian teacher from Eritrea! She was born in 1950, my same day (23 may) From italian mom and Eritrean father. They must came back in Italy because of the War! She still the best teacher i ever know!

  3. Dimitri Milano сказал:

    Countries with English, in particular America, make fun of Italians for pronunciation, but when you try to say words in Italian you are ridiculous .. Eritreans pronounce it perfectly, I love stereotypes and this thing makes you smile. however nice video and congratulations,

  4. Colonel Shawn Von Huseworth сказал:

    Wtf is this Jane Fonda propaganda video? You’re an absolute racist for making this video. This country has the greatest human rights violations in the world and you’re pretending it’s cool to go there? Reasons why I lose hope in people that you’re glamorizing this country who literally imprison and kill people daily.

  5. Alliaume Gougeon сказал:

    Eritrea is also a crazy poor country where the fews riches are hoarded by a dictator and a select few, where a single university camp beainwashes all the youth, where people can't do anything freely, and where european football is a prime component of the "local" culture! But sure, focus on the gelato ?

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