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A simple message these special kids can teach us all. Support Happy Feet: https://bit.ly/2IhIP9z Happy Feet Facebook Page: …

45 мыслей о “What INDIA'S CHILDREN Can TEACH YOU ??

  1. Saeed Alshehri сказал:

    Stay strong my Indian friends. Through rough times come greatness! Maybe those people who deserve to be given great chances because they’ve been through tough things, so they must have very strong passion to make something great!

  2. Arif Al Sahaly сказал:

    Hello my friend! i think this video is one of the most important vidoes you made in this trip so far. just at 4:40 i tel my self i need to ask him how to help Happy Feet, and there you go, in the end of the video you give directions and links.

    I think I started to understand you more my friend, and almost there to crack the code on your philosophy, i'm liken it soo far and for that i lift my hat to you…


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