What I Saw In Lahore, Pakistan! ??

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Lahore is a special universe with its own rules and local characters that keep it alive. Join me as we go into the depths of this dynamic city! ▻Filmed Dec.

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  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    ► NOTE: This trip was filmed back in December.

    I had to take out a couple of parts of this video. Let me explain why. My goal in my work is always to go deeper into a culture and connect with locals to show things that can't just be read from Wikipedia. In this video, the guide touched on some taboo topics. First, the guide talked about the history of Mutahs (a traditional relationship agreement that a minority of people participated in). This was outlawed in the early 1970s and came from Persia.

    Secondly, he exposed the fact that there are "land gangsters" in Lahore that actually use their power and influence to take over apartments illegally from residents who might be out of the city. They pay officials, change documents, and use intimation to carry out their criminality. Yes, this exists.

    It took the guide great courage to say these things on camera; I triple checked with him that it was okay to use this content. Well as one might guess, some religious authorities, land-mob types, and the police went after him. He's been stripped of his tour-guiding license for 6 months and has had to deal with various forms of intimidation. For his safety, I removed these sections.

    Youtube is notoriously a septic tank for people dropping their pain and hate if something is shown that they don't agree with. Perhaps some of the guide's content was exaggerated, he might not have gotten everything right, there are also some language issues since English isn't his first language, but a the end of the day he gave this tour of his city with deep knowledge, heart, and pride. And to make it very clear, there are probably 1 out of 1000 guides that you can make a 30-minute video with that will be interesting enough to watch.

    The vast majority of my content is positive–I focus on humanizing parts of the world that have been demonized by the western press–but I also like to present all of what I see. I don't want to sugarcoat things. Sometimes I don't always get things right but I try my hardest to show you the most authentic and truthful story I can find. This is not a vlog for telling you how cheap everything is and smashing a sandwich into the lens of the camera. And by no means do I expect everyone to agree with me on what I show. Criticism is fair game and some of it has really helped me make better content. My style often brings up certain cultural aspects that might be conflictive and I don't give clear answers. Just because I show something doesn't mean I agree or disagree with it. And it also doesn't mean it doesn't exist if it doesn't align with your values. It's for you to make your own opinion or challenge your own thoughts. That's what I like personally so that's the content I deliver to you.

    If you have any thoughts to add in regards to this situation with this video please do so in the conversation here with a comment and I'll try my best to return to all of them 🙂

    I have roughly 7 more episodes from Pakistan to come. I'm trying to post every Tuesday and Friday. I filmed this in December so I'm at home and tucked into my apartment with no travel plans. I hope you are staying safe and healthy 🙂

    Thanks for being part of this!

  2. Vaibhav Kumar сказал:

    Calling hinduism responsible for eunichs is totally bullshit.This guy is just blabbering whatever comes to his mind. Infact it was during Mughal rule that eunichs become an important part of the royal affairs as they used to guard the harem (segregated place for royal women)

  3. Mohammad Aqeel сказал:

    ذرا یاد رکھنا کہ ہندوستانی راج کی ابتدا کیسے ہوئی۔ اس کا آغاز صرف چائے کے کاروبار سے ہوا۔ یہ سیاحت کے ذریعے حاصل کرنے جا رہے ہیں اس کا شاید ان کا واحد راستہ ہے۔ بس وہ سفید ہے اس کا مطلب یہ نہیں ہے کہ وہ اچھا ہے۔

  4. adil khan сказал:

    The Guide is my childhood friend, Classfellow, and also my name fellow as well, we spent many years together in searching hidden parts of Lahore, mainly the days in Punjab Library were just amazing. Good Luck and keep it up Butt sb..

  5. Kashif Umair Liaqat сказал:

    This tour guide had a lot of wrong points in this video. For example, he said that lahore used to be a very cosmopolitan city but now it's not. He is wrong. There are still people from many religions living peacefully in lahore. Then he was talking about Muttah and the permission of painting pictures in Islam. Both of these things were wrong. Muttah was always illegal even before Pakistan came into existence because it's not allowed in Islam. Also he said that now people are changing and have started to paint pictures etc. This is not new. People of all eras have been painting human pictures. That doesn't mean that now it's allowed to draw human paintings in Islam.

    Also he said that people of Pakistan are very superstitious. They are feared even if a black cat crosses their way. He might be talking about 50 or 100 years back.

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