What Camera Equipment Do I Use? | Indigo Traveller

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  1. ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ сказал:

    There's a guy in New York City who has a business fixing Mac books, much cheaper than apple and he does all the repairs they refuse to do. He has a YouTube channel called Louis Rossmann where he posts repairs in real time, it's pretty entertaining. People send him Mac books from all over the world to be repaired, maybe you want to check him out if you're still having problems with it.

  2. Hermosa Beach Marketing сказал:

    The only computer I travel with is an Asus rog g700 series I have a 701 and 702. They both are no pinwheel keep all programs open simultaneously while working and the gaming graphics force them to add great wireless which you can change channels for different countries.

  3. Joel Ortiz сказал:

    Did you have to get any licenses in order to use the drone for commercial use? In the united states you can fly drones recreationally with just the FAA registration but in order to film and monetize any drone video you have to get a commercial license

  4. Craig Gagnon сказал:

    Hey man, love your content. I currently shoot with the a99ii but am moving to the a7iii. What video format do you shoot in…. do you use slog2 and 3? I have played around with those on the a99ii, but post processing is a pain.

  5. Angelo Ramos сказал:

    Totally agree with your opinion on your MacBook Pro. The exact same thing has happened to me with mine (with touchbar). Random restarts for no reason. Have to turn off WiFi and turn it back on to get it to work. What did apple say to you? I’ve had no luck with them.

    Also, just discovered your channel, really love your content!

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