Western Ukraine Through American Eyes ?? (українські субтитри)

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My girlfriend and I cruised through the Carpathians in Western Ukraine and documented our interesting discoveries. Western Ukraine is truly a special corner of …

34 мысли о “Western Ukraine Through American Eyes ?? (українські субтитри)

  1. Azzam AlRiffi сказал:

    Listening to you in this video is like reading a good travel book. Keep it up and I'm really glad I got to know you from your video of your recent visit to my city (Jeddah). Also, I never thought Ukraine was this beautiful!
    I'm trying to catch up with the rest of your videos. Good luck and I hope you visit Saudi Arabia again but next time I can show around. Take care.

  2. Marla Jacques сказал:

    Wow, stunning! It kinda reminds me of Black Forest in Germany in first glance of the topography. Would this b considered a Highland? I’m slowly building plans to visit Ukraine, it keeps calling to me here in Canada!

  3. Настя Мартинович сказал:

    Це прекрасно ?
    Жаль що в наших містах мало таких туристів ?
    Тож запрошуємо до Тернополя ? і Бережан , в нас прекрасний замок на березі річки Золота Липа , також Монастирок , який прекрасний літом осіню і весною , і Раївський парк , і ще цікава історія цього міста ?

  4. Karina Porras сказал:

    Oh wow… your video looks like a documentary – so interesting edited. But not only the way this video is done makes it so special, but also the way you bring your travel experience. I feel like you had a special moment in your life – i saw your soul and respect to everything and everyone in Ukraine.
    Well done? and do more!

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