WEIRD HOTEL IN IRAQ – First Day in Iraq (not what I expected)

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39 мыслей о “WEIRD HOTEL IN IRAQ – First Day in Iraq (not what I expected)

  1. D L N сказал:

    Its kurdistan because we got our own goverment we got our own traditions our own rules that i mean by we follow the Kurdish law and it dosent look like iraq ive been there and its dangerous and in Kurdistan its peace you can have what religion you like and kurds will accept you and we got our own borders when you come to kurdistan it says with a big sign Kurdistan pretty much its Kurdistan not iraq

  2. Sascha Srdoch сказал:

    Can you please tell me how did you get a visa for Iraq?
    As far as I have researched you need to apply for a group tourist visa which requires you to be a minimum of five people applying together.

    You also have to travel along with whom you applied for the visa with!

  3. Firey809 Gaming сказал:

    Me: im going to Iraqi Kurdistan. Do you want to play Senran Kagura: Estival Versus?
    Arab person: ما هي Senran Kagura: Estival Versus؟
    Me: a game
    Arab person: وما هي المنصة التي تعمل عليها؟
    Me: PlayStation
    Arab person: يا

  4. Laser Sailor сказал:

    There is a Hyatt in Fairfax Virginia near Dulles airport with “end cap” semicircular rooms just like that with 180 degree views over the Northern Virginia landscape. I got upgraded a few times to those rooms. Otherwise, they cost a bit more than $30…

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