Walking Through the Slums of Venezuela With Indigo Traveller! CRAZY FOOTAGE

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Indigo Traveller: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXulruMI7BHj3kGyosNa0jA LOOK THROUGH MY BOOKS! http://books.themoneygps.com SUPPORT MY …

33 мысли о “Walking Through the Slums of Venezuela With Indigo Traveller! CRAZY FOOTAGE

  1. Greg сказал:

    Very cool man. I'm not familiar with that guy, but there's no substitute for boots on the ground. I have the feeling that Venezuela is only chipping at the iceberg right now and there's a lot more hurt to come.

  2. Juan Manuel Hidalgo сказал:

    I don't have words to express the sadness and sorrow when I see my beloved country like this. I grew up in Venezuela, 80's and 70's the best times there. As you see in the video beatiful and kind people. Thank you David for this wonderfull link to Indigo channel.

  3. Nuru сказал:

    Amazing broad scope insights as always David. Your money brilliance is obvious. Your heart is rarely spoken of. Thanks for having a concerned and protective heart. I love your channel and rely on it to stay a step ahead of the collapse. I won't say I'm 100% ready for the collapse (working on it every day), but if I'm not it's not because you haven't sent out massive continuous warnings about what is coming. Wishing you and your family well David you are in our full hearts. Thanks for truth in these times of pure lies. You are appreciated.

  4. Tanja Mortensen сказал:

    I was at the border of Ecuador and Colombia and saw thousands of Venezuelans. I’ve lived next to Venezuela refugees. They know how to survive and don’t expect help from organizations because they don’t even know they could get help. Red Cross and unicef was pathetic as they set up only two tents. There was no food or clean water. No chairs or even blankets to lie on. Personally I got the impression all the donated money is not to help but mostly for administrators. All my time spent going around Latin America I knew of one Red Cross but they didn’t help. Their focus was collecting data And just 3 ppl in their building on the computer all the time. The poverty in Los Ángeles is x 10000 more worst than what I have seen out here. They’re going to be fine as they know how to farm and they have some of the richest resources in the world. Media tries to portray the worst of 3rd countries but if USA would collapse no one would know how to farm or collect resources, atleast at the east and west coast mega cities.

  5. Sage & Fool сказал:

    I watched the original video. I would argue that there is bias. The guide told him that the average Venezuelan makes 40,000 Bol per MONTH but later in the same video he says that people have to pay 20,000 Bol per DAY to get to work. There are a bunch of places where his math is nonsense.

  6. Robert Spitz сказал:

    Why don't you "walk" through the slums of LA, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan? The US DESTROYED Venezuela when the PEOPLE threw out the US PUPPETS. What did the PEOPLE get for that. SANCTIONS. FUCK anyone who cries "there is Socialism for you," because that is the PROGRAMMING of the US elites.

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