WALKING STREETS OF SOMALIA (You won't believe it's Somalia)

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Walking streets of Somalia.. -My Instagram for photos of Somalia: http://indigotraveller.space/Instagram -My Venezuela Trip Videos: …

26 мыслей о “WALKING STREETS OF SOMALIA (You won't believe it's Somalia)

  1. Honey B сказал:

    I love Somali people, they have always been so welcoming to me, so open, extremely nice, friendly, honest people. The Somali women are beautiful and the men are so good looking and easy on the eye. A tall, dark, handsome Somali guy is my weakness lol ? so much so that I am married to one!! Great video.

  2. Aidy Gooner сказал:

    Khat may seem alright to chew but it's turned a group of Somali men into a bunch of unproductive and lazy people unfortunately. It may look harmless but it's not good for you when you stop eating normal food because your taste buds has been corrupted by khat and you stop supporting your wife & kids, and stop taking pride in yourself. ?

  3. Wazza Rooney сказал:

    Please don’t disrespect us by calling us Somalia. We broke away from Somalia in 1991. We have our own government, police, troops, flag, currency and law. Somalia is a completely a different country to Somaliland now. It’s 100% safe, it’s just not internationally recognized yet.

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