WALKING STREETS OF PAKISTAN (not what you think)

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Pakistan is full of surprises and the people are very hospitable. -My INSTAGRAM: http://indigotraveller.space/Instagram -Music used in my videos (Free 30 trial): …

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    As I mentioned in the pinned comment of the last video, I am no longer in Pakistan, this series was filmed just before things really started to get exponentially drastic. Fortunately, I did complete the entirety of my trip in Pakistan but did cancel a trip to another country which I had planned to fly to directly from Pakistan. It was not a mandatory cancellation, I would have still been able to travel in the country I had planned to visit but was lucky enough to acknowledge the risk earlier as I was advised against it by people close to me.

    I am self-isolating now in my home base in Eastern Europe. We have to stick together during times like this and remember that every single person is affected by the current situation, I know you are all aware of this but be kind to one another. This is the time for humans to reconnect and reevaluate our unity and community.

    I am considering doing a video on the topic, if that is something you would like to see then like this comment and/or let me know in a comment of your own below.

    Whilst we wait this out together, I will be sharing the beauty and hospitality of Pakistan with you through these videos over the coming weeks. Sending my love to everyone of you during this time. Although it is difficult, we will get through this together and hopefully rise as stronger and closer to one another. ?

    Nick ❤

  2. Nabeel Khan сказал:

    U only roomed around 2% of Karachi round round & round… Missed all most everything to visit when in Karachi.. Karachi is famous for its night life, street food & markets. Karachi has 18 district.. and what u visited was only 1 district of Karachi known as Sadar.

  3. sandeep telang сказал:

    Jesus said, "Love thy neighbour as thyself", Mohammad says,"Only one god", Buddha said, "peaceful living"….But exist brutality and hate in human mind! Human being is exactly the same. Be it any nation. Not-so-famous mystic UG quote as, "All Messiah are those who are responsible to create mess in this world when they're gone"!

  4. Rocky Khan сказал:

    When youre in Karachi all the way uptill Lahore and just a tad further youll find the same type of people you find in India. Once you reach close to the borders of Afghanistan the people are TOTALLY different. So if you travel on the right side youre fucked. Travel on the left. Karachi to Quetta to Multan to Islamabad. Once you reach Peshawar then youre in the best place in Pakistan when it comes to people. Now the further up you go till the edge of North PK youll find the cream of the crop of kindness ans Hospitality.

  5. merle laswell сказал:

    Nick -One of the restaurant owners you spoke to had a beard that was red or almost orange in color? I've not had the opportunity to travel to Pakistan (yet) but have spent a lot of time in India over the years and I don't remember seeing a redhead? thoughts? Love your channel!!

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