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39 мыслей о “WALKING STREETS OF IRAN ?? (Met Local Girl)

  1. martin samuel сказал:

    What passport do you use? Where are you from? How did you get a visa? I have a UK and USA passport but can't get a visa unless I join a tour. I can speak some Farsi and would love to improve it by going to Iran but the visa is the hangup. Khaley mam noon am and Great video! Iranians are super great!

  2. Jasur Badalbayev сказал:

    It's pretty cool country thank you very much. I am from Uzbekistan and I can speak Persian and Turkish and I am clearly understanding them from your videos The mountain are where u went they were speaking in Turkish maybe Azer but I understood. But Thank you I hope that one day I will visit to there

  3. Sina Seirafi сказал:

    As an Iranian, I had so many comments so that I just thought that I'd miss some, so I'm writing this in the middle of the video.

    You have a very unique point of view, it really contains the feeling of the place, I really enjoyed the whole thing (this one and the previous video about Iran)

    It is interesting to me that you focus more on the less modern sides of Iran. Like in the previous video, you went to Charsou Cineplex for purchasing a microphone, which is a relatively modern building, but didn't mention anything about it.

    About the Mosque and the Bazaar, they're fine in Tehran (I've lived almost all my life in Tehran, so I'm not being judgmental here 😀 ), but absolutely nothing compared to some other Mosques and Bazaars of the country. Not sure if you've visited Isfahan or no. It's worth a trip.

    About the exchange rate, actually what happens is that we don't take 4 zeros. Like the 500,000 Rials bill that you showed to the camera, we count it as 50. Even a thousand Tomans ( = 10 thousand rials) doesn't worth anything, so. There are talks to literally cut these 4 zeros from the official currency, but with the current economic trend (not taking the situation with covid -19 into account) it wouldn't make any actual differences.

    Regarding the "Down with America" part, you're correct, that's not how people actually think, at all.
    I know that you've experienced it first hand, but people actually go out of their ways to help any foreigners. In fact, people are much much kinder towards the foreigners than they are kind towards each other.

    And thank you for these videos, I really enjoyed them. They had a wonderful friendly feeling to them.

    p.s: At 14:37, the guy says "they are foreigners and they are just passing" 😀

  4. Peter Brown сказал:

    Great video, thanks Nick. Just a comment RE the "Down with the USA" mural; whilst I agree with your sentiment that it doesn't reflect the overall consensus of the people it must be said that there is a definite hostility towards the government of the USA and a mere glimpse of the history of the country reveals why. Even the current day foreign policy of the USA towards Iran will understandably ensure a continuation of such feeling.

  5. Khaled a сказал:

    Iran is beautiful country
    Unfortunately 98 procent of Iranian people’s can’t speak English and also in Middle East and Iran always they are trying hard to selling something to you to make money from you without you need or ask #

  6. Yari Az Quran сказал:

    Dude I appreciate the vlog, but mostly everyone in Iran hates the US government. There's a BIG, BIGGGG difference between hating a government and a people.

    Let's say you're right and the message is only from the govt and not the people (you're not correct about this — there's a whole side of Iranians which I'd say are at least half the country who love the Islamic Republic even if they have criticisms). When even the government says "down with the US", it's a chastisement of the imperialistic, hegemonic, war-hungry, murderous, foreign policy of the US — NOT the American people. As you're someone who firsthand witnessed seeing the devastating and inhumane impacts of the crippling US sanctions on the local Iranian people, I really expected you to get this much at least, but hope you get it nonetheless eventually. Please don't perpetuate the cliché "oh, the people are not the government" crap.

    Otherwise, cool vlog. Wish you success and would love to hangout sometime in Iran or elsewhere.

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