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Walking the streets of Afghanistan, meeting local people and more. Donate to save the lives of the children of Afghanistan here: https://donate.unicef.org.nz …


  1. Farshad abtahi сказал:

    I don't understand this Unicef what they are searching there
    the salary that they receive to be there is more then money that they spend there for locale
    this women on interview should be asked if one of those afghans would be in your country how would you look at them
    and more important it s look like that this locale people are not intelligent enough to take there of them selves and that why smart people coming there for free vacation actually and using that money for there security salary foods and do a little work
    it is just soo funny to see them in front of camera posing

  2. Tariq Rahman сказал:

    Yes though the unicef place you visited is invaluable, but the catch 22 is there wouldn’t have been a need for it if the US with the backing of the international community didn’t illegally attack and massacre the innocent people of a country who had already been in a war for over 20 years. Also the ongoing situation in Afghanistan as well as Palestine as well as Kashmir cannot be called war when it is really illegal invasion and occupation of a free people in their own land forced into a form of slavery. If you think about it all the problems of the world have been caused by western non- civilisations which is just really the devolution of humanity. Iraq, Iran, Libya, Egypt Syria all the instability and death is blood in the hands of the overpopulated with race overrunning the earth with their greed ruining the entire ecological life cycle of the entire earth and all that we have on it – west a wall around Western Europe send all the whites of the world to live there and never visit us anywhere else – they’ll probly all finish eachother off in 10 years. Also Afghanistan has been in conflict for over 100 years since the British first stole India and created the nw frontier province. Peace came for a short time when the west placed their puppet king for a while in the 60’s – 70’s. Even if the Russians hadn’t attacked he would have had to have been removed anyway like Iran. The Afghans are the most ottoman people who beat and converted the Mongals to Islam and so saved Islam and the Hindi’s of India – though there is no such thing as Hindus as they have always been a people of the subcontinent who believed n many different things in different parts of the land. Hindu is just a word the brits took from the moguls and Arabs to bunch all the heathans together under one racist umbrella not as back as the blicks. So used them by sipping them all over the empire to watch over the blicks – in between being rapped and rapping others and each other of course. Just like the settlers in New Zealand did.

  3. Joe Cuneo сказал:

    This video touched my heart. Its heart breaking to see these Women and Children suffering from lack of nutrition. No matter where we live, we all have the same basic nutritional needs. Some of us are fortunate to have it and some do not. Thank you for shedding light on this unfortunate situation. Hopefully with video's like this, we can all pitch in and make a difference. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Marry Malik сказал:

    It's painful they also have rights of healthy living but unfortunately super powers US or RUSSIA maked Afghanistan a ring of war for a looong… I hope and pray one day they come out of such situations enjoy their lives like others in sha Allah ? lots of love and respect from Pakistan ??

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