VENEZUELA'S Pro-Government Slum (Dangerous Neighbourhood)

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I took a trip to Venezuela’s Pro-Government neighbourhood, did expect to see what I saw, mind blowing day. -Free 2 month trial on SkillShare Premium: …

33 мысли о “VENEZUELA'S Pro-Government Slum (Dangerous Neighbourhood)

  1. Rich San сказал:

    Police are very right wing and corrupt in Venezuela like many countries like Greece were many are neo Nazis or at least vote for such parties like Golden Dawn. Venezuela was not a paradise before Chavez by the way….he got democratically elected many times for good reason…..and no mention of sanctions or US money, CIA attempted coups yet? Probably no coincidence the youtuber lives in one of the most right wing countries in Europe.

  2. George Crowder сказал:

    I take baseball equipment to the Dominican Republic 2 to 3 times a year. I've wanted to start bringing equipment to Venezuela,but i don't have any contacts with anyone. I'd like to get know some young baseball coaches get a idea of what is needed and I'll be there!

  3. E L B A сказал:

    I recently came across your channel, and after watching a few of your videos, I must say I feel admiration for you. You do a very good job of capturing the beauty of humanity everywhere you go. I'm sure your videos do more for these people than what you intended to. Keep up the good work!

  4. Tenmil сказал:

    8 + minutes and she said in Spanish WE ARE GOING INTO THIS FOR ALMOST 29 YEARS but the translator with the shiny blue sun glasses said THEY ARE DOING THIS FOR ALMOST 30 years !!! To the young man who went to Venezuela , YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR VIDEOS BEFORE YOU PUT THEM OUT BECAUSE THIS GUY DID NOT KNOW MUCH OF MANY THINGS !!! I am following your series on Venezuela because I am Venezuelan !!! I have seen your video on Iran but I don’t know if what was said , is true or not because I don’t know anything about Iran !!! I am looking forward to watching all your videos !!! I am basically a fairly new subscriber !!! Wishing you a long healthy happy prosperous life !!! ❤️❤️❤️???♥️♥️♥️

  5. SolidarityIsFuture 2019 сказал:

    Oh dannng, that anger that comes up in me seeing that arrogant Gringo Traveller ho seems to love talking about poverty in Venezuela? How does it come I ask you that you MIRACULOUSLY FORGET to mention that the economic blockade of Venezuela has stolen from Venezuela over 6 billion US dollars since late 2018 alone). A blockade supported by his OWN UK government. Can you imagine that hypocrisy? These 8 billions USD are equivalent to the spending on the whole healthcare sector. Why do you hide that obvious fact? The UK government has stolen 1.5 billion dollars of Venezuelan assets deposited in the UK central bank, including deposits meant for importing INSULIN for the Venezuelan population. Why did Gringo Traveller miraculously fail to mention that? Economic blockades such as by your government are FORBIDDEN by international law because they are deliberately target the population of a country. They are MEANT to starve the population so much that it is willing to overthrow it's elected governments if only the imperialist countries stop the blockade. That's a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY and you fu*king arrogant run around in Venezuela and make fun of the situation and don't mention ONCE that your country is a MAJOR REASON????

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