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Things go badly after drone crashes then thunder and lightning storm. -2 Months Free on Skillshare Premium: -All my Venezuela …


  1. Patrick Timothy сказал:

    And things change. My dad used to fly to Caracas in the 60s and 70s as an airline pilot. He had to sleep on the plane one night because there was some political instability and they were concerned about safety. But then the country did much better and had a massive GDP before the crisis.
    Personally I think that a balance between compassionate and regulated capitalism with some kind of socialism (not Marxism not communism)could work. And also having your economy depend on oil is always risky. It is what it is.Even if there weren't sanctions and other economic warfare against Venezuela,low oil prices hurt petro states.Where i live,Louisiana in the USA had a severe recession in the 1980s because the price of oil sank.It just sank this week,to negative territory.
    If Venezuela diversified their economy and my country stopped crushing their economy,and corruption reforms were implemented,it could very easily be much better off.
    It has so many potential. And the spirit of the people is amazing. The people who had nothing but bought you beers and other stuff-amazing.
    Thank you so much for these videos.

  2. עדיל сказал:

    lo que un hermoso país y gente hermosa. Espero que mejoren con el tiempo. Tengo un amigo en línea de Venezuela y ella quiere que yo venga allí. Sólo quiero visitar toda América del Sur por lo menos una vez.

  3. Tal Salomon сказал:

    I find that very interesting that every time when a country going to rubble due communism the socialist or communists start blaming the US or capitalism for that country and in the matter praising socialism about what a fair society is! This is such a lie! Many of us whom were born in the former communist states of Eastern Europe knows what this people really feeling, because we been there!

  4. eden terra сказал:

    I'm from Cuba, living in USA today, and i want to apologize for all the suffering, poverty, and misery that has been caused by the communist Cuban dictatorship. I hope Cuba, and my brothers, and sisters from Venezuela, and Nicaragua can live in freedom, and democracy soon, surrounded by peace, and prosperity.

  5. Osama сказал:

    i do not understand why caribbean people are very lazy and are used to that life, they see it all party and fake appearance, it is funny because most of the south americans hate that

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