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Vlog #48. Varanasi is truly incredible. This is one of my favourite videos that I have ever made so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for …


  1. leslielani1980 сказал:

    The body burning scene was absolutely incredible to see through the screen. I can only imagine how fascinating it must’ve been to be there and witness the Hindu traditions first hand. With respect to the deceased, that was amazing.

  2. Shobhit sharma сказал:

    I want to ask do you have any personal grudges with india..beacause in each and every video you have shown india is worst..but i wanna say that because of your opininon my countries beauty and nature will not be decided..

  3. sumer singh saran сказал:

    You are selectively choose bad things in India and do not showing positive things , colorful India,Your India vlogs are like this that you are trying to just defame my country,very sad ,we have shortcomings but we are not just same as you are trying to portrait

  4. piyush agrawal сказал:

    I must say you have a very twisted and insensitive way of looking at things.Although some of it is curiosity but you can not leave your biases when you look at other cultures you always looking at things from your own particular biased angle , in all your india trip you were focussed to just edit the videoes to only show whatever is negative, like garbage, animals in street and poverty.You purposefully travelling in the cheapest mode of travelling so you can demean the country. its sad travelling has not changed your perspective of never looking at things from stepping in other's shoes.

  5. Paul DeLane сказал:

    Witness the Magic??!!!wtf? lol more like witness the Tragic! I know, i have been there, saw all you saw and MORE. I went home to France terrified and depressed, but Mostly, GRATEFUL!!!! Those poor people, that Rotten Government!!! grrr

  6. crocfixio сказал:

    Love your channel man..i was in India at the same time for my honeymoon ! Did the very touristy golden triangle (delhi Agra jaipur )..had major issues with getting cash tho ! massive queues at most banks in Delhi, it was a nightmare !

  7. thilakavathyb tup сказал:

    Hai Indigo Traveller ., Watch your self your video ., After shooting ., It is really boring my friend… Remember you are shooting a video ., Show the places as much as you can with your audition the background., Do not show your face in the 3/4 time of the video ., And keep on talking… Talking … Talking… It is really boring…. People want to see the visuals only.., How the places are… Showing visuals is more explainable than your speech. My friend.

  8. jonny smith сказал:

    Crazy river and place to burn death people. European people are fascinating a place like that. Even you pay me $1000, I won't visit that kind of place. Burn death people near the river? It's so polute river. In my country, we burned death people in the old day too, but at the temple where it has a structure. When I was young, I can smell the smoke. It smells awkful. I will have a nightmare every night. India has a long way to catch up with the rest of the world.

  9. Sunyata сказал:

    Approx 7,000 people die in the US each day, from various causes, USA's population is about 330 million. With the population of India at 1.3 billion, 4 times that of the USA, all else equal means India has to deal with 28,000 dead bodies EVERY DAY. No wonder they're burning bodies 24 hours a day.

  10. S H сказал:

    Not sure if I would describe that as magical. I find it rather sad. Each of those burning bodies was a person who left behind a grieving son or sibling or parent. I even saw 2 people walking and consoling. Also thinking about inhaling the fumes of a burning body, thinking that particles from his body are inside mine! Not sure I want to be there! Sorry 🙁

  11. Pinky jones сказал:

    The snake monkey man was extremely evil…glad you caught on. Wicked horrible man stood out amongst all the good people in your videos…rarely see anyone outright evil in your videos….this guy stood out immediately. Bless you.

  12. Jonathan Forlin сказал:

    I am overwhelmingly disgusted, words can't explain what this country has become. We all share this earth, that river leads to all our water in the end. You must suffer from cognitive dissonance to enjoy yourself in that environment. No way India will ever get their shit together, that's why the next NDP running for premier of Canada is a from India. They litter everywhere, congregate amongst themselves, have no consideration for others and are a mess in general. Would you want your neighbors house/yard to look like India, and leak mess onto your property and pollute your water. WTF no, hopefully you'd do something. But we allow this where ever they immigrate to, again wtf…?

  13. Nitya Nand Sharma сказал:

    I am loving your videos..
    Today I started watching ur videos..very good…
    One point I want to discuss here .
    You watched burning of dead bodies..on River bank (cremation )
    In Hinduism only..we consider..only body dies/expire not..soul..
    It actually re-born…change body..
    Each time…
    If Hindu to follow cremation like Christian's or Muslims..using grave for ever death..
    It would be really difficult..
    Finding Land would be really impossible.. considering population of country..
    And burning dead tradition since ages

  14. Chris Clements сказал:

    Have watched many of your vidios recently .So good and love the anarchy when one hard working and talented guy can produce films on a par with Michael Palin and Simon Reeve.I truely hope you are reciving remuneration enough to continue

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