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Vancouver – a city regularly voted “the World’s most livable”. With breezes that carry the scents of nature and aromas of all the urban delights you’d expect from …

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  1. FIFII сказал:

    Did a quick google search and the rent prices in Vancouver (for an apartment in the city) is what I currently pay for a ensuite room in a house share in the city I currently live in! So Vancouver is looking pretty good right now!!

  2. Brad Templar сказал:

    My wife and I live in the South/West of France and have done so for the past 30 years, we paid a visit to Vancouver on our Canadian tour, and while this video clip is excellent, it does not do Vancouver true justice, in my opinion, superbly clean and true to the video clip the Steam Clock is quite something to see on your visit to this captivating City.
    We fell in love with Vancouver, its peoples, its cleanliness, its openness to the wild and outside world that is the Canadian Continent, absolutely wonderful. Even a wild Bear came out of the forest to visit our coach, as it stood on its hind legs and sort of waved to us, or so it seemed.
    A proud people and wow what a Continent, one day we hope to return, time permitting. Long Live the Canadian frontier.

  3. fra сказал:

    Can someone with a quite good knowledge of Vancouver/ Canada help me?
    I have to decide where to go to study for six months (I’m a sixteen year old student from Italy, so please be kind, my English isn’t perfect).
    My options are: North Vancouver, West Vancouver and New Westminster.
    Would you suggest any of these places, or what do you know about them?

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