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Hey Guys, here is episode 8, the final episode of my Eastern EuroTrip Roadtrip series. In this video we Leave Lviv in Ukraine and we head south to a new …


  1. Aleks Kevyn сказал:

    I think very less ppl know Indigo "going back home to Hungary" bcoz He actually living in Hungary (few days/ year when he is not out of home ?). I dont know why, maybe he is a New Zealander who have hungarian roots (there are several) , and he have hungarian citizenship or maybe for other reason. But anyway, his North Korea/ Iran session really amazed me, so I think He is one of the best vlogger on YT!

  2. Aleks Kevyn сказал:

    The border from Ukraine to Hungary is the border of European Union and Schengen zone. Same going with slovakian-ukrainian and polish-ukrainian border. If you have time to travel you should skip this process if you turning into Romania from Ukraine, and then from Romania to Hungary, much easier and faster….

  3. Kapp Bea сказал:

    omg I visited Munkács in Ukraine too!! And I crossed that Hungary/Ukraine border to get there! But I had to bribe the Ukrainian border guards because they wouldn't let me through otherwise! They made me wait a few hours till after it got dark.. then it clicked, they probably want a bribe… It was so crazy, and pretty shameful to be honest.

  4. James Bernard сказал:

    Hi Indigo man. Can you please tell me about how to get a Visa for Ukraine?

    I'm also a Kiwi and I am finding it really challenging to find any solid information on the best way to do this. (I'm currently in Europe BTW)

    Thanks a million. Loving your videos by the way.


    PS: If anyone else knows, please let me know. Ta

  5. Samo762 сказал:

    This is one of my favorite parts of the world – a person born in 1916 would've been a citizen of: Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Soviet Union and finally Ukraine – without once setting foot outside of his home village! There's even a village split between Slovakia and Ukraine there and for the past 70 years there was barbed wire cutting through the middle of the village – now there's a crossing. The best part is that village is about 98% ethnically Hungarian 😀

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