Udaipur – The India You Don't Know ??

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Udaipur is the perfect combination of street life, cool locals, architecture, and nature. Something that rarely comes together in one place like it does here. *I shot …

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  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    Thank you all who have reached out and expressed your concern about traveling! I'm taking this very seriously and currently in my apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine and inside for the most part. I filmed this back in December. I hope you are all holding up well wherever you're at. This is an interesting point in time and we'll all make it through, we're all in this together. Stay strong and know that it won't always be like this ?

  2. Chahat Chauhan сказал:

    Hey Peter, you have a great content on your channel.
    In specific to this video, just wanted to update you, the phrases you were made to repeat were not profane. The phrases are rather said in a good spirit and chanted praising the lord depending on the local language

    Goga was one of the famous religious preacher turned warriors during the Bhakti moments Rajasthan, India back in time

  3. Garvit Jain сказал:

    You literally came just about 500 meters from where my residence, at the place with kids were spinning "latu's" around 9:57 mark (And if you don't know you went to the most central part of udaipur when you took lift from that bike guy).
    No youtuber does this kind of street travelling.
    Subscribed and followed on instagram.
    Hope to see you again someday.
    Lots of love from people of Udaipur ????

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