Trying Local Food | Lahore Pakistan | Peter Santenello Reaction

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Here is the first of hopefully many reactions to Peter Santenello’s YouTube channel. Peter has graciously given us permission to react to some of his travel …

45 мыслей о “Trying Local Food | Lahore Pakistan | Peter Santenello Reaction

  1. hassan awan сказал:

    guys if u want too much views on your channel then make your review video on turkish muslim series" ERTGRUL GHAZI" THIS SERIES IS BREAKING THE RECORDS OF GAME OF THRONES AND ALL WORLDLY POPULAR SERIES……..EVERYONE IS NOW GET INDULGED IN IT.IT IS BASED ON REAL BRAVE HISTORY……

  2. 4fawads сказал:

    Hey Nice one Nick…..Peter is a great guy he’s done an amazing and mind blowing series you should react to all of his series BUT he’s Not really a foodie…it’s Mark Wiens you wanna react to..if you want to see the real taste of Pakistan ??

  3. Chris Boscurry сказал:

    Beg pardon, Chris.
    But Pakistan, India Bangla Desh, Nepal, etc., are all in South Asia. You have to travel over 2,000 miles to get to the Middle East.
    I bring this up because it is important to us South Asians living here in the US to let Americans know the difference. A lot of Indians are attacked and killed and injured because too many racist idiots conflate us with the Middle East. Very different countries and cultures.
    I've been attacked personally since the late '70s, over and over, because some moron decided I was Iranian, or Arab, or Iraqi… Whoever we were bombing at the time was who they saw wearing the brown skin.
    Consider the difference between the US and Mexico, even though the 2 countries are only separated by a border.

  4. Arsalan Ahmad сказал:

    Please react to Mark Wein and Food Ranger food vlogs from Pakistan, they are the top food vloggers of the world. Also that guy with gun was a security guard for local shop clear from uniform. Please react to "@UC3Vuq4Q1bKFtAiKYlwRv3oA video PAKISTAN'S SURPRISE! | HUNZA VALLEY" and also if possible react to or atleast watch urself Mark Wein Pakistan series here is one interesting episode "LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley – HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!"

  5. Ebaad Muhammad сказал:

    This video did not do complete justice to Lahori food. Lahore has so much more and so much variety of food. I am a Pakistani living in Canada and I miss lahori food more then anything. But thanks a lot for reacting to this.

  6. Alex Frost сказал:

    I know now some idiots will dislike this video to show their fake ass patriotism bullshit.Just because they reacted to Pakistan videos doesn't mean you guys have to hate.Keep politics out of this.But i guess some chutiyas will remain chutiyas

  7. Tahir Usman сказал:

    These are old city areas and not really a food vid.Peters a great guy who’s more into people of the world..Check out the Food Rangers and Mark Wiens vids on Pakistani food.Yeah that’s a bus track overhead.

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