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These were two very extreme days in every way I could ever imagine, extreme driving, extreme epic activities and most importantly, extremely great new friends.

39 мыслей о “TRAVELLING in EGYPT is CRAZY مصر

  1. Upenda Sana сказал:

    I would love to go to Egypt again after watching your vlogs but I can't help but think it is a very different experience for a man than a woman.I have travelled widely in other parts of Africa but found Cairo in particular to be very hassly.Its such a shame because it is such an awesome country to visit but so many public spaces are so male dominated.

  2. Tim Lowry сказал:

    Why do i get a feeling they were playing jokes on you the whole time like that response one of Kahreem's friends says "SERIOUSLY WE DONT HAVE ANY PLAN BUT WE WILL LET YOU KNOW SOOOOON", either that or they were high. XD

  3. 2020 сказал:

    يامصاريا خليتونا اضحوكة عند عالم بعض المشاهد غطيت عيني من الانحراج اخخخخخخخخ بس حبيبنا قلبه ابيض ومتكيف مع كل حاجة

  4. Angelika Kjelstrup Koch сказал:

    Love Northern Africa in general, safe, fun people and a chilled vibe. As another youtuber said, if all 2+ billionspeople were terrorists, earth would not be standing. So just jump in to it and forget about the anti-muslim campagne we hear in the west. Me as a gay guy felt much safer in northern africa than many places in the west. Awsome video by the way 🙂

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