THIS IS AFGHANISTAN? (You Won't Believe it's Afghanistan)

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Visiting parts of Afghanistan that I never could imagine existed. -Donate to save the children of Afghanistan here: -My Instagram for …

20 мыслей о “THIS IS AFGHANISTAN? (You Won't Believe it's Afghanistan)

  1. Juan José Ríos López сказал:

    Great video man! i like a lot your content because it shows us how really is a country with bad fame, we can see how really a country is and not only the things that are showed by the news, TV or other media that only show the bad things, so, you're doing a really good job man! congratulations and thank you very much!

  2. Sathish Murugesan сказал:

    Bravo, doing a great job man. When the world is seeing the more negative sides of somalia, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea,you are showing the real positive sides of these countries. ?????????? Everything has some end, even this ongoing war will be end soon, so these people also see a lot of happiness ain their lives soon

  3. Umar Ali сказал:

    The translator is lying to you my friend and it is very sad to see. To convert Persian to Georgian Callander you either subtract or add 620 years. So for example, the picture the translator said to be around hundred years old was actually taken in 2010. To find this out, simply add 1390+620 and that will equal to 2010. I really hope this man didn’t rip you off for your money my friend because he seems be lying consistently.

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