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  1. Barak Shine сказал:

    Hey buddy,
    First, I love your videos. They are great and I find some inspirations from it to my videos.

    I have a small question for you if you could help: I'll be traveling to SA at the end of this month and having a bit of a struggle to get reliable info about drones regulations there. There are some contradicting details in some of the websites. I wonder maybe you would know something about it, so the main issues are, I read somewhere the authorities demand drone pilots to purchase an insurance, is that true? Second, some websites says the maximum height for flying is 120m, some say 45m, some 150m.. If you have any further details that would be great. Thanks in advance!

  2. Eugenia Herkamto сказал:

    You visited Kruger National park, did you go to Serengeti to?
    I love watching Kevin Richardson video. I don't know you're going to Pretoria or not there where Kevin own the park for his lions, Black Leopards and Hyenas……..very interesting video

  3. Genevieve Rose сказал:

    Kruger National Park was my favorite place to be in SA, and I can't wait to return there someday. Also just curious if that is Letaba Rest Camp?! The little hut behind you during the braai looked exactly like the rest camp while visiting KNP!

  4. surge knight сказал:

    Great country but in suid-afrika the British stuffed up the boers and the bantu. It's always been the illuminati plan called the new world order. During the anglo-boer war the brits imprisoned boers and bantu in concentration camps and exiled many to St Helena, ceylon and chagos. After the Anglo-boer war in anticipation of world war 1 & 2 according to the blue print of the illuminati headed by the queen of England introduced thousands of liberal middle class ashkenazi Jews into suid-afrika who were sponsored to become captains of industry in suid-afrika and these ashkenazi Jews had to commercialise the massive bantu population hence a boom in bantu population from the 60s onwards, in order for cooperate suid-afrika to grow bigger and for the ashkenazi Jews to enrich themselves too, and hence ending apartheid. It was always the script of the illuminati, De klerk and Mandela had nothing to do with it, they are just actors on the stage. Apartheid was totally wrong and it was the illuminati albeit using the British as a proxy created apartheid and it was them again who ended it. Good riddance

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