THE REAL NEPAL: KATHMANDU (what you don't see)

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When a festival hits Nepal, things get loose… Thank you for watching #VLOG 129. Leave me a comment with your thoughts of the video. Cheers, Nick.

39 мыслей о “THE REAL NEPAL: KATHMANDU (what you don't see)

  1. Abhisek Upadhyay сказал:

    This video is so humbling to me

    Reminds me where I came from, and what opportunity I have living in the US I wouldn't have in Nepal. All that piss, dirt, crowd, sweat, I'm glad I don't have to fight for my future living in that city. I love Nepal, but Kathmandu is such a mess I can't tolerate.

  2. Robert Coulter сказал:

    Hey man! Just wanted to say, it's so good to see a real and raw vlog like this without it being a billion swooshy transitions and cinematic B roll filler… I miss videos like this these days so it was great to find you and this one… Cheers bro! Keep on truckin

  3. Rachel Cronin сказал:

    Beautiful, informative, always pleasant, awesome video. It is always a comfortable experience watching your videos. Way cool! It is your kindness in speaking and your calm low key sly humor which is so entertaining as well, like at 13:13, too funny! But, this whole video is great, from building info, to types of people, the history, and your proper camera work makes it all so great to watch, in every single video. Excellent job! One can never just pinpoint every single great moment, because they all are, and in this video including: 7:28, 8:54, 9:33, 10:14 and every second in between! Awesome stuff.

  4. Priya Limbu сказал:

    Indigo Traveller What the fuck you mean by real Neapal ?! You foreigner guys only wants to see and show proverty of Nepal … you guys always show dark side of our country so almost all foreigner thinks that whole Nepal is living in proverty .. but don’t forget that there are so many Nepalese who are living life better than you .. yeah our goverment is corrupted so our country is still facing lot of problems but it doesn’t mean that there is problem in each and everything.. what do you think ? Corruption provery homelessness is only in Nepal ?! I don’t know where are you from but i 100 percent bet that wherever you are from there is also proverty homeless people and corruption… but you guys try to show that you guys are rich just because you came from so called developed or first world … fuck you … i have spent years in so called developed country … in developed country more problems more stress more insecurity i feel really lucky that i born in Nepal .. so shut your fucking mouth if i became prime minister of Nepal i will band foreigners to shoot any type of video or photos without governments permission.. because you guys always ruin image of our country…

  5. Summer Mkj сказал:

    Kumari's are allowed to get married. It's the superstition that who ever gets married with ex kumaris will die after marriage. But these days people are forgetting it all and kumaris are getting married. Before they werent allowed to study but these days they get to study and all other things like other girls which were prohibited in the past.

  6. CI сказал:

    What the fudge were you doing in Nepal. Really don't understand why you want to position the country in such a negative light. From all my travels..and I've travelled a lot…I have never come across a more humble, welcoming, and lovely people.

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