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One of the most connected places I’ve ever been to, Dharavi slum ▻ Up to 70% off NordVPN here! ▻ Some of the …

27 мыслей о “THE HUMAN Side of INDIA'S BIGGEST SLUM ??

  1. LaLa D сказал:

    New to your channel. I am captivated by your ability to connect with people with such ease. I truly appreciate your journey in showing the absolute beauty (aesthetically and otherwise) in these places [and people] we have unfortunately been indoctrinated (via media) to fear without question.

    Your guides, in this particular video, are absolutely precious… My heart is smiling.

    Peace to ALL ?❤…

  2. Sameer Akhtar сказал:

    @ 20:28 I believe what he's saying is that, by wearing that hat you are "showing that you are Mohammadi" (related to the prophet) . A specific cast in India/Dharavi apparently also wears that cap. It sounds like they asked you to take it off. So…cultural misrepresentation on the wrong side of town?

  3. Kamal Sheikh сказал:

    Love your work Peter and thanks for showing the way things actually are. Since Pakistanis can't visit India (and the same is true for Indians) your videos give a glimpse of ground realities. The cap you wore in this video and the reactions it generated is interesting.

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