The BAD PART of Egypt ??مساويء مصر

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49 мыслей о “The BAD PART of Egypt ??مساويء مصر

  1. Mo Reviews сказал:

    Are you "looking out" for those of us with no brain cells at all? If someone decides to willingly hand over money for something they could potentially get cheaper elsewhere, I do not see how can be construed as a scam. By definition, a scam is: "an illegal plan for making money". Now, care to elaborate how any of the examples you have mentioned can be measured by that definition? Fact is, you got hustled and you're salty about it. Grow up and learn from YOUR mistakes. How are you any different from the morons who spend thousands buying bags with silly logos on them, made in the same factory as others without that same logo, yet sold at hundreds of times more than the bag without the logo.

  2. Mohamed El_Mogy сказал:

    wow seems like tons of people got scammed, sorry about that but u just need to becareful and as he said say NO , i'd offer a free tour guide service lol but i haven't finished college yet , any way hope you enjoy your times in Egypt

  3. Matt сказал:

    I went to Hurghada last year on holiday, and whilst there we did a day trip to Luxor. Whilst we were in Luxor, an older Egyptian man tried to sell me a plaster-cast cat statue, claiming it was alabaster stone. He asked for 400 Egyptian Pounds. I responded “20?” (£1 Sterling) and he accepted. It now sits proudly on my desk in front of me ? I love Egypt by the way, been 6 times and would happily go again ❤️

  4. فخر الامارات сказал:

    ?*00212679620248* *whatapps*?
    الــيــكـــم رقــم الــدكــتــور?‍⚕️ الإخــتــصــاصــي الــلــي اقـتــرح عـلــي الـعــلاج الـفــعــال لــصــغــر الــقــضــيــب
    نــقــص الإنــتــصــاب✅ ســرعــة الــقــذف ✅ الــضــعــف الــجــنــســي ☑الـمـنـتـجـات مــتــوفــرة فــقــط بــالــســعــوديــة?? وقـطـر?? والامـارات?? والـعـراق?? ولـبـنـان?? والأردن?? والــكــويــت?? والـبـحـريـن?? وســلــطــنــة عــمــان??
    لا تــتــردد فــي طــلــبــهــا?*00212679620248* *Whatapps*?الـدفـع عـنـد الاسـتــلام?

  5. DO7A сказал:

    Ok I will tell you something I'm from Egypt and from my experience I will tell you a something the Egyptian didn't rivedet or steel only the tourists you will ask me why so I will gave you an example If you bought a camera in Egypt and it cost 2000 pound he will pay to you by 2000 dollars or more and this happened in a lot of countries and If you travel to other countries like me you should know that and be careful that can happend to me too and there's alot of bad people and good people in Egypt and from yours bad luck you meet the bad people and you must to foucs and don't gave the protect to someone you don't know him ok

  6. Hasselnöt сказал:

    autoplay brought me here? wtf. these videos are useless. every country has it downsides and people are just people, you can't blindly trust everyone. so this video is specifically for the stupid individuals who can operate whilst being in crowd due to lack of confidence, human spirit, common sense. So have fun and good luck to the pathetic scared people who should lock themselves in their dads closet.

  7. Omar 333 сказал:

    Man fuck that shit i know it iam Egyption and i did like a tourist and they are fucked up nigga I don’t know whassup with that shit fucking an‏noying people but any way خايف اقولها بعد ده ولكن مرحباً بك في ام الدنيا

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