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A MESSAGE to IRAN from an AMERICAN ???? (زیرنویس فارسی)

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Iran and America. The vast majority of Americans and Iranians don’t want a conflict. A war between the two countries benefits nobody. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

Foreigner's Thoughts About IRAN ??

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Iran is the biggest underdog country on the planet! What we are told and what it is like on the ground are two different realities (I’m talking about people, not …


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INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 1

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Watch if you’re curious about Iran and want to see a different view away from mainstream news and politics. EPISODE 1 of 3. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 3

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Watch if you’re tired of mainstream media and politicians shaping our view of how we see Iran. EPISODE 3 OF 3. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 2

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If you’re tired of the mainstream media and the politicians creating a view of our world based on fear, watch this! EPISODE 2 of 3. MY IRAN VIDEOS …