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Welcome to Pakistan Peter Santenello !!! A USA's travel vloger

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Peter Santenello a USA vlogger visiting Pakistan via India. Welcome Peter Santenello to Pakistan. Original video link: …


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Need some adventure in your life? Look no further than Mumbai, India! ▻ Up to 70% off NordVPN here! https://nordvpn.com/PeterSantenello ▻ Some of …

Selling My American Business From India ??

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After 2 years on the market, my business in the USA finally sold. Here’s how I pulled it off from India. This was shot back in December; I’m now home and inside …


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One of the most connected places I’ve ever been to, Dharavi slum ▻ Up to 70% off NordVPN here! https://nordvpn.com/PeterSantenello ▻ Some of the …

INDIA/PAKISTAN | World's Most Unusual Border ????

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India and Pakistan are political enemies but they also have the world’s most unusual border ceremony steeped in sportsmanship and competition. ▻Filmed Dec.

Udaipur – The India You Don't Know ??

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Udaipur is the perfect combination of street life, cool locals, architecture, and nature. Something that rarely comes together in one place like it does here. *I shot …

Exploring Mumbai's RICHEST Neighborhoods ??

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Mumbai is a city of extremes. In this video, I go looking for the richest neighborhoods. ▻ MUSIC in this VIDEO (free 30-day trial!)

?? 인도여행 첫날부터 성추행과 사기를 당했습니다..

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인도 #인도여행 #여행유튜버 여러분…. 저는 지금 인도 뉴델리에 있습니다 ㅠㅠ 저 정말 많은 여행지를 가봤지만 인도는 정말.. 제일 힘드네요ㅠㅠ….