STRANGE DAY in Lebanon ?? لبنان

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    LEBANON is a country that blew me away in many ways. Nature, food, and most importantly, the people. I was welcomed with open arms by almost every person I met in Lebanon. If you are a foreigner thinking of visiting Lebanon, then please do it, do not be led astray by media. Lebanon has a heart of gold and it is waiting for you to visit. There is so much to see in Lebanon, I will definitely be back. I covered hardly any of Lebanon and I know that I will get many comments telling me that I missed this place or I missed that place, but I think the most important point is that I got a feeling from Lebanon that I will keep with me forever. If you are from Lebanon, I want to thank you for all your incredibly kind comments welcoming me and thanking me for coming to your country. It is the best feeling when so many people tell you that your videos represented their country so well. See you soon, LEBANON and thank you for having me. Peace! Nick ❤️?? شكرا

  2. jacko89d сказал:

    Taxi is one of the most annoying things in Lebanon even for Lebanese.

    There is general rate for taxis (called service) at 2 000 LL for short rides without negotiation. But when it's a longer ride like the one you took there is no legal rule, it's negotiation. And usually the Taxis parked charge higher. If you kept walking and had a Taxi car passing by take you, you would have paid around 2xservice= 4000 LL by telling him 2 service (servicen in lebanese slang)

    When you say "Service" it's 2 000 LL to share a cab and when you say "Taxi" it usually means that you want to ride alone so it's 1 service x 5 seats = 10 000 LL

    Keep that in mind if you visit again

  3. d1234 сказал:

    Damn bro you made a big mistake not going in. even without the camera , you should of gone in by yourself… I went there last year… i snuck in my phone and took pictures and videos ,, a guard came up to me and asked me to delete everything. Thankfully i just deleted one picture and told him i deleted all of them and he fell for it…

  4. Dany Punk сказал:

    WHY DIDN'T YOU GET IN? JEITA GROTTO IS BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD NICK!! That's heartbreaking to be honest but i still love you and your amazing content. You should definitely come back because you missed out on ALOT of cool things here in Lebanon.

  5. Elsa EH сказал:

    Hahahaha typical Lebanese thing crossing the highway like that! For anyone going down from jeita to beirut should ask the taxi to drop you off on the right side of the highway ! I always do that. No need to put yourself in danger xD

  6. Abe E сказал:

    The area at 5:31 is why lebanon is in debt, also part of it is built on the graves of dead people who were thrown into the ocean, locals of beirut would know. Lebanons great but we must admit our past leaders faults.

  7. izzy сказал:

    dude, you can't just casually cross the highways in lebanon! people here are crazy drivers, you could've gotten yourself killed! tip for your next trip: find the closest bridge and cross it, there was a bridge literally a few steps away from you.
    by the way, there's still a lot for you to see for your next trip!

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