Stop Saying You Can't! Subscribe To Indigo Traveller!

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You can if you want to. Especially in the USA! I share what has become one of my favorite YouTube channels – Indigo Traveller. Here is a link to the video I …

2 мысли о “Stop Saying You Can't! Subscribe To Indigo Traveller!

  1. A K сказал:

    The pirate thing is horse shet propaganda spread by the US and ally media. They’re protecting their fishing grounds that McDonald’s & other corporations are forcfully pushing them out of. Look into it. ? ?


    We take a lot of shet for granted, we’re worried about the WiFi down when people are worried about how they’re going to get a cup of water to sustain themselves . We’re all guilty of it.

  2. Ross Macintosh сказал:

    Gerry I watched the Indigo Traveller video and agree that entrepreneur with the Cookie Bakery was awesome. Truly a great role model for all of us! You are right – WE CAN!
    While I did enjoy the content I found his presentation a little bland. He made me realize I've been spoiled watching the similar youtube channel of 'Harald Baldr' and the channel of 'Bald and Bankrupt'. Both of those guys also do similar extreme travel content but are highly entertaining. Do a youtube search for Bald and Bankrupt and you'll see what I mean.

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