Spending $200,000.00 in Venezuela.

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34 мысли о “Spending $200,000.00 in Venezuela.

  1. Payel Datta сказал:

    Brother i am from india… a huge thanks to you for supporting those childrens.. love from india too. Best of luck for your future trips.. channels like yours needs to be promoted… and thanks to skill share also for supporting creators like you.. love love.. #peaceout venezuela may stand up soon…

  2. elias gorki сказал:

    You have to be an idiot to not understand how much it influences that the country that owns almost 90% of patents around the world blocks the purchase of medicine and food, not counting the theft of Venezuelan assets in many banks in the countries of the " First world"

  3. Aloha сказал:

    Im ethnically part Venezuelan (Hawaiian, Portuguese, Japanese & Venezuelan), but Im an American citizen (born & raised in Hawai'i) & have never been there. I feel pulled to visit (maybe live there for awhile) & connect with a part of myself, buuuuut Im gonna wait a while.

  4. Adam Brake сказал:

    It's really great that your able to raise money for these people… so many good and struggling people need our help… god bless you work…
    Consider bitcoin or cripto currency account to transfer the money to them… because its decentralized and totally anonymous… but it gonna depend on the law in Venezuela…
    I would be happy to help educate you in bitcoin and crypto currencies if you want an honest real world option of it…

  5. Liam Leahy сказал:

    Nick's gurning is the real reason I come back. He's hilarious to watch for the gurn alone despite the opinions that are constant verbal diarrhea…"I don't put my opinion on things" (proceeds to share opinions of right-wing only). I feel horrible for the guy who thinks Nick is the guy to ask about how Vzlans afford food as if Nick understands anything beyond what he's seen and even then knows nothing about the complexity of how it's all come about.

  6. Andrew Motta сказал:

    I know many Venezuelans here in Massachusetts USA and they all send 200-500 a month back home. Their families rely completely on American money. Most Venezuelans want to go to the United States because the us dollar goes very far there it’s a strong and trusted currency. That’s how people survive off American money so even with the sanctions USA is helping the nation…

  7. Ernest ODell сказал:

    Nick, I've really enjoyed watching your video playlist on Venezuela today. I've spent the better part of the afternoon and evening watching all your videos and commend you for showing us the human side of Los Venezolanos. Many, many years ago, in the 60's, I had friends who lived there and worked in the oil & gas industry when Venezuela was one of the major producers in the world. I hope and pray for the people of Venezuela that more peace and prosperity returns to them.

    I grew up as a teenager in Libya, and was there when Ghadafy took over in '69. Ever since Ghadafy was removed from power, Libya has descended into basically a failed state. I really miss Libya and found the people just as amiable as you found the Venezuelans.

    If you get a chance to go to Africa, do let us know. I would look forward to watching your videos. Be safe in your travels and send our regards to those you meet. Not all of us here in the States believe what we see in the media. Your videos are so refreshing to show the dynamic of the human spirit. Peace.

  8. David Colon сказал:

    I hate to be only non-mega-positive response but this video series (not the real experience) does not show a situation much different that similar countries. I’m from Puerto Rico and I would get very similar videos if I went to the many varied neighborhoods in my tiny island. What was missing was real context. Asking people how much they get paid, how they get paid, expanding on the topic of having to pay just to enter Caracas, what do they have to go through to actually get the food that isn’t in the grocery stores, etc. Without that background of how the actual economy directly affects people then it’s just another visual record of comparing one country with both rich and poor areas. Everybody was well clothed and in good health. The real hardships come in the details that can not be defined by statistics like GDP or emigration or even overall crime or pictures alone.

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