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A journey to the Somalia-Ethiopia border. -2 Months Free on Skillshare Premium: -My Instagram for photos of Somalia: …

45 мыслей о “SOMALIA – ETHIOPIA BORDER JOURNEY (Leaving Somalia)

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    I won't see you for a while, wish me luck. If you want to be notified when I am back with a new video then click that little 'bell notification button' next to the subscribe button. Also follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my movements here:
    Thank you to all the Somali people for having me in your country and thank you to everyone else for the continued support and for watching my videos. See you in a few weeks…

  2. Super Nico сказал:

    I really enjoyed this episode and im a new subcriber and i hit the bell button as well. Please take care of yourself always despite the wholeworld is facing right now due to covid 19. Hope you can visit our country PHILIPPINES ?? soon. ??

  3. James S сказал:

    This guy is full of shit. He's staying in "Somaliland" which is completely different then "Somalia". And every time he goes into "Somalia", he does it during the day with an armed security force leading him around. Then comes back to Somaliland before nightfall. False and dangerous advertising.

  4. Angela Polly сказал:

    I lived in Dire Dawa for a couple of years and have friends who lived in Mogadishu- one man was kidnapped but it wasn't bad – helped he could speak Somali, another was there when the Black Hawk went down – their (the Somalis) method of communication was incredible, same man who was kidnapped was on the roof of his home with his wife and the man who was there when the heli went down – his wife recalled thinking the mosquitos were really bad one evening on the roof, it was bullets flying through the air. I believe these videos would be more honest if they were titled Somaliland. Very different from what is true Somalia, as you know.

  5. SuperBase555 сказал:

    I've learned more from Somaliland watching your videos than what friends and relatives have shown and told me all of my life while being Somali myself. You've certainly captured it all.

    When my brother, born and raised in Canada travelled over the summer with my mother, he was incredibly [insert a lesser term for disgusted here] because despite the terrible infrastructure, the lack of reliable healthcare and the injustice between classes the people of Somaliland are still blinded by a strong sense of patriotism. My mother being born there was very displeased first and foremost with the mannerism of the people who once used to be very intelligent and clean despite being very traditional. A people who were once known for being openhearted and giving were now miserable and greedy to no end. Had this been a cause of sudden poverty, I would have been less disturbed but these are the very people who have always lived with very little and were content now trying make money by ripping folks off, or blatantly asking for something you're wearing. When the people of before used to turn down gifts out of shyness and respect.

    Here and there you find police and cabs trying to rip you off whenever possible so long as they sense you're not local. You would think travelling through the country was a little burdensome having an armed guard keep an eye on you, but try being Somalilander and detained at a checkpoint for doing the same touring you just did. They try and exhort money from you for being people of the diaspora, and unless you've got upper connections you're often treated like second class citizen.

    It is my country and I love my people but a lot needs to get done in terms of teaching the people prior to building the city.

  6. actives actives сказал:

    Thanks bro for finally putting it out there a lot of people seem to think somaliland is a terrible war torn country with no government/infrastructure down to me before I went(somaliland) for 2 years the media fuelled my brain with ideas of what it would be like and I hated somaliland but in the end I loved it

  7. usman jn сказал:

    You have a kind heart Nick and you are brave to travel into these lands. Seems like you didn't prepare for the trip like others and waited for the surprises. I love the way you made those videos. Definitely will visit my Somali brothers someday, there is definitely alot of economical potential in Somalia.

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