Shanghai Travel Guide

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Our Shanghai Travel Guide! It’s finally here, thanks for being so patient everyone. And thanks to our friends at Cathay Pacific for partnering with us on our …

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  2. 小鱼 сказал:

    There’s a huge market shown by the Handan Lu 邯郸路, it’s close to a big intersection. Right by the entrance to the left there is a small shop and they sell homemade buns with a meat filling. They cost 3 yuan each and are extremely delicious. There’s always a bunch of Chinese lining up at that place.

  3. Serenity Curacao сказал:

    Great job! I’ve been living here for 6 years and you gave some great and accurate information. Would loved for you to add where people can check to see the great sights or things to do here. Shanghai has incredible museums and art galleries along with all the tourist sites. Very nice adding Kyle and the food tours!! Looked good! I think I will take one. I’m sure he can show me something new.

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