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Vlog #41. I leave mumbai and head towards Ahmedabad. The bus was like no other bus i had seen before… My Camera: My Angkor …


  1. rahul Mukundan сказал:

    Why did you shoot only the dirty places in india. There is a lot good places in india especially mumbai and ahmmadaabaadh. It seems you are trying to show india is dirty place. Don't understand your intention. Really poor kind of attitude.

  2. Karan Nagpal сказал:

    Such a distatesful and terrible vlog.Huge Dislike. Understandably you do not have a very happy life in NZ Hence the need to travel to places and become self acclaimed critique. Your vlogs are a reflection of how sad and lonely you are in life and hence you do not have any thing positive to see and show. Lets be honest there are goods and bads in every country and you have chosen to show only bads.

  3. Masterwayne66 сказал:

    Dude i’ve been following you for a while and i’am sad to see that for some reason you are trying to show the negative parts of india. Yeah sure there are really big things wrong about india, but there are far better things too. Allright lets take your hotel room in scenario, it is shit, one of the shittiest i’ve ever seen. If you had spend a little more you could have got a far better room, india is one of the those countries which has most luxurious to the most filthiest things on this planet, if you have money and are willing to spend then you can get anything for yourself. I got the idea that you are a budget traveller, but i’ve seen your other videos, you don’t seem to struggle spending in those countries but somehow you in india want to experience the life of a poor person. Yeah poverty is truth of india but it gives the impression that all of the country lives like that and everyone is a filthy rat, when in reality india has got the most expensive house on this planet and some richest people in existence . Let me also bring this fact to the light that rich are the one who are living their lives off the hardship of poor, thats one of the reason india is lacking behind in terms of overall development. I’am not a ignorant person i know what is wrong and what is not, but indirectly bashing a country is just not right. but next time you visit the country go with a good budget and try to love the life of atleast a middle class person, that will be enough to change your prospective or may be you already know what india has to offer but all these thing are plan for you to get more views, people wanna be amazed and you are catering to their needs, by showing their dispair and sorrow , hence more views. Sorry for the hate, i really wanted to like your work and it is good, atleast when it comes down to other countries , you are showing them in a positive light but you obliterated india.

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