SCAMMED IN EGYPT (watch to the end) ??اتنصب عليا في مصر

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39 мыслей о “SCAMMED IN EGYPT (watch to the end) ??اتنصب عليا في مصر

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this one, I think it helps to show that everything doesn't always go perfectly when you are travelling, sometimes things are hard, but if you keep pushing then everything is ok in the end. It is great to be in Egypt and we are having a great time. See you in the next video! ??? شكرا

  2. Sean Carroll сказал:

    I have been to Egypt three times. Always fun. A cab driver once told me my hotel had "burned down" he was trying to convince me to go to the hotel he was in cahoots with. I remember going to that exact TGI Fridays in 2008

  3. Justin Meredith сказал:

    The boat scammer reminds me of my current landlord. What a shady douchebag! lol

    People that are shady are stupid. All of us read vibe and see through each other. If anyone practices hateful, mean, cruel thoughts and beliefs, other people sense it immediately. I tend to give people chances and breaks, just like other warm people. But one thing I know: no one can hide aggression (lying) with a friendly outside persona. Those people look dumb as fuck. Stay safe! 🙂

    Aggressive people lie. Receptive people tell the truth.

  4. Marwan сказал:

    Sorry for that but that's not how all the people look like in Egypt, these Scammers are few, but commonly at the Pyramids, but the other Egyptians are all good people who care about everyone. Its just like 90% good people and 5% scammers.

  5. فخر الامارات сказал:

    ?*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*?
    الــيــكـــم رقــم الــدكــتــور?‍⚕️ الــخــبــيــر الــلــي سـاعــدنــي فــي عــلاج مــشــكــلــتــي لــصــغــر الــقــضــيــب
    نــقــص الإنــتــصــاب✅ الــقــذف الــســريــع ✅ الــبــرود الــجــنــســي ☑الــمــنــتــجــات مـتـوفـرة فــقــط بـالـسـعـوديـة?? وقـطـر?? والامـارات?? والــعــراق?? ولــبــنــان?? والأردن?? والــكــويــت?? والـبـحـريـن?? وسـلـطـنـة عـمـان??
    ســـارع واطــلــبــها?*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*?الـدفـع عـنـد الاسـتــلام?

  6. Carlos Loff сказал:

    It's been like that for long, not just now – I spent 11 days in Egypt on 2006 and even did some tours far from the Resort, and you will get scammed every half an hour everyway they can… They do it for pleasure cause the scams are so low that if they asked for more in the first place you would gladly pay even more anyway… Example – U ask how much is a taxy to the Hotel X and they say 40 and you say 30 and you both agree on 35, normal on Muslim culture, so far so good… But In the middle of nowhere during the route he just stops and say, sorry to expensive ride, need 10 more (45 total) and just wont move until you agree… So he is so happy because he scamed you 10+, but if he had asked for 50 or 60 in the first place, way more than those 45, you would still find it cheap and agree, SO WHY THE FUCK HE AGREES ON 35 TO FAULT ON HIS HONORABLE MERCHANT WORD LATER ??? That is not barganing… Barganing is when he knows you will agree on 60 and asks for 100, than your happy when you get to 60, so WHY THE FUCK AGREE ON 35 TO SCAM YOU AND BE SO HAPPY WITH PLUS 10 = 45 ??? This happens every half an hour on all transactions and occasions possible, with few exceptions… Once me and my brother got such a nice and honest taxi driver, it was so out of normal scams, that in the end we paid him FUCKING DOUBLE He asked as a thank you for His rare honesty, so tired of scammy fellows we were… Again, very few honorable exceptions, but overall by far – FUCK EGYPT, NEVER AGAIN…

  7. Sara Alkholy сказал:

    In every place you'll find the good and the bad even in food, it's your first time in Egypt alone with your friends you didn't see the real Egypt you didn't visit sharm AL shaikh you didn't visit anything you just visited the Nile kornish it's the worst place in Egypt ever so sorry for this experience trust me Egypt is a good place we are kind people scammers everywhere.

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