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This video for Santorini Vacation Travel Guide is one of our older productions, but we wanted to share it with you to get some feedback on how these older clips …

46 мыслей о “Santorini Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Nani Shengelia сказал:

    Oh my goodness!!???
    I like not I love this city I want to see ??this city very very much I like ??here sea ??buildings ???and beach because it is very big and beautiful?????? I think that I must go⛵?✈? here and see everything but the most important fact is this that this city is in the Greece⛵????✈. I love????? Greece very much and I want to go here I love this city very very much??????

  2. Irakli Rukhadze сказал:

    Santorini is most beautiful place❤ I'm Georgian and in our country is refugee habitat )) when I saw Santorini from far I was think that Santorini looks like Georgian this place? I liked this video and I have big want that visit in Santorini❤ I'm interesting traditions and cultures ❤

  3. Mike's Channel сказал:

    It's so sad that such a beautiful place goes through so hard times. I'm proud of being a Greek but also ashamed. Ashamed because of how we treat minorities, ashamed of the people we choose to lead us. Ashamed of how we don't protect our land (I mean the environment and our sea).

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