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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    If you have been following my previous videos then you will know
    that I have a huge amount of love for the people of Bangladesh.
    Like I mentioned in the video, this is the first negative encounter
    that I have had in Bangladesh and I am sure that it is a one off instance.
    I know that there are good and bad people in every country but like
    I said in the video, I feel very strongly to fight against any form of
    discrimination and I will not stand for it. I have to share and promote
    acceptance of every kind of person, no matter religion, gender, race,
    age, sexual preference or anything else. This is one of the main reasons
    for this YouTube channel. Thank you for your time and understanding.
    See you tomorrow! ???✌?

  2. brevaboy сказал:

    I had this exact same experience in Pakistan. Never learnt why I was denied access when I had phoned to confirm the booking ahead of time. Still had a great trip and eventually found somewhere to stay. I figure if they don’t want our money, their loss.

  3. Carlos Tavares сказал:

    That’s not the longest sea beach in the world. I heard that from a Chinese friend one day too. But that’s not accurate. The longest sea beach in the world is here in Brazil in Rio Grande do Sul state (south Brazil). Casino beach is the longest in the world with 220km

  4. mike boultinghouse сказал:

    the thing I hate the most about developing countries is what I call "economic racism".. this means that because you are European, you are expected to pay more, which I do understand..but what I don't like is if you are a bit frugal, sometimes the locals get very.. well it can be disappointed, or it can be irritated, or even bring out dislike. This is the case in many parts of Southeast Asia. Not sure if it happens in Bangladesh. Often there is a two-tier system of prices. But when a local dislikes a European for being a "cheap-skate" it makes me think..well the locals are very frugal themselves, haggling over prices, etc, so why would they get upset if a European backpacker acts the same way? hence my term 'economic racism"

  5. The Keystone сказал:

    Indigo traveller should stop playing games with the poor people of Bangladesh. Why do u cite 3 separate incidents with the same setup?.. Were you trying to prove your own cooked up narrative? It seems you were keen on a story to tell, which is really sick and demented.

  6. Jenna David сказал:

    It definitely seems to me they assumed you both were there as a gay couple. And don't agree with that there. To deny u on any personal reason is absolutely diplorable. Good luck with the rest of your journeys !

  7. Sandra Henningsson сказал:

    You can't really expect Bangladesh to be a friendly place for gay people, homosexuality is illegal there! I don't understand why everyone in the comments are so sure they wanted to rip him off, they ended up with getting zero $ and seemed happy with that since they told him to leave. If they want to save all rooms for tourist then the refusal was because of his friends nationality, with other words because of his race.

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