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Shoutout to Google maps for getting me lost but then redeeming itself by getting me back on track. Apologies for some of the helmet cam footage, i realized after i …


  1. Todd Hall сказал:

    Ok along with hello , where's the restroom, food and drink, thank you, I would suggest locking down 2 more local phrases. How do I get to X and where is the road to X. You're such a nice guy I think that helps bring out the best in people but it looks like most of these folks are very nice to begin with.

  2. S H сказал:

    This is not the first time Google Maps lead you to nowhere. I am wondering what parameters you set when you ask for directions, like maybe you are asking for the shortest route?

  3. imathayne сказал:

    Seeing this playlist allows me to live vicariously and take the train from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min without much regret- thanks for sharing! I may also try get off at Nha Trang to visit the ocean and go to Dalat by bus. Crazy road to Sapa too, I think I will take the bus there and try to do a week long homestay for cheaper than 25 per night. You can also rent motorbikes fairly easily while staying at hostels/homestays/hotels and some have them for rent, and I might do that some. I can see why though you would have to extend your visa. Cheers!

  4. Arion Blishen сказал:

    Would it be ok or better or worse to this in a very small car (like an Original Mini not the Fat BMW Mini) ? As the weather is brutal and people (all over the 52% or so of the world I have done) do not see or care about motorbike / cycle riders at all and just run them down.

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