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Vlog #9: In this video, i motorcycle from Sapa to a small city on the way to Hanoi, my motorbike starts falling apart and i get invited to a local birthday party and …


  1. Kimindigo сказал:

    i am a real indigo child-warrior.. and you are not.. indigos dont like to eat meat ! and they dont lie ! and illuminati puppets on youtube are all saying HEY GUYS all the time ! and illuminati puppets are very often dressed in red or blue or both,,and i see you use much red and blue,,many indigos are allso very sensetive to day light or bright light so some are night persons or use sunglasses.. they are very honest and spiritual,,they allso have a seense of humor and have carisma,,they are a bright light and they are here to wake up people.. and they hate fake brainwashing modern music you show in this video !!! i cant see annything with you that makes you a indigo !!! you are just a puppet from illuminati.. i dont know whats your purpuse with your videos,, but it must be somthing bad in some ways.. i guess the reason must be that your are a transgender ,and gay,,and that some peoples brain will gett those gay vibes back in their heads,,and that can in the long run do much damage !!! and the end of the video is illuminati pyramid with lucifers all seeing eye,, illuminati puppets allso stiks out their toung very often,,have not seen more than a few minutes of your stuff,,but i bett your toung will stick out often when i see more of your stuff.. you dont pay for this stuff yourself !!! you are a puppet !!! DYSLEXIC

  2. Alex Hagendorf сказал:

    Hey Nick! Preparing for my Vietnam trip in April, I'll be watching your vlogs from VN occasionally to get excited 🙂 I also have a question, can you explain to me how to go about getting a data SIM card for your phone? I have an android and also wanna know how much it would cost for 10 days. Hope you can help, thank you very much Nick!

  3. Francisco Neto сказал:

    Indigo when you come to San Francisco stay in my place. Before you com I can show you my life here in the city. I have a very nice husband we have been together for 35 years. Tim is a good person . Facebook (francisco neto) California or San francisco

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