REAL KENYA LOCAL LIFE ??(Authentic experience)

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47 мыслей о “REAL KENYA LOCAL LIFE ??(Authentic experience)

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Sorry if some of the audio in the video is hard to understand, the combination of my microphone port being broken and Kenya being naturally loud makes for tough conditions! Hope you enjoy this one, guys, I know I sure did, thank you for watching! ???

  2. Claire McGee сказал:

    here in Guatemala at Lake Atitlan – avocados are 2 for 25 cents US …. HUGE ! Love your videos — I watched nearly all of them / and now am going back thru them to mark 'liked' …. it seems I jump around alot — would like to watch 1 thru the end … in order … I know I'm seeing some 3 times and missing others …..

  3. Dennis Ridgway сказал:

    To add on to your point about the second hand clothing….most people in Mombasa / Kenya prefer second hand clothes because if its from the States, Europe, its usually a better quality and will in turn last them much longer. Great video and channel. Asante

  4. Harm Gregory сказал:

    The only place I have been in Africa is Mombasa, it seemed very exotic to a 20 year old Navy man….the people certainly seemed nice, but I did not get into any long conversations.
    It never really penetrated my white western mind how similar people are, just trying to make our way in the big, relatively cold and unforgiving world. Unforgiving, yes, but also filled
    with (mostly) kind, friendly folks….

  5. Carolina Carolynah сказал:

    For those hating around over Indigo Traveller,let's get this right. Being a white doesn't mean that you can't explore the local places to hide your character or what they call "being white is being rich". Look,everyone has to do what they pleases. Indigo do what you are meant to do. Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you like. You have your missions too right?
    And so to say,visiting rich places doesn't have much to see. Poor people are more kind than those who are higher financially. They have the best ideas in daily life.

  6. bluebloodbc сказал:

    The second hand clothing market is not 'AMAZING' for Kenya; clothing companies earn billions of dollars in charitable donations deductions for them , then they middle man the clothing for bulk sale to locals who also pay transport fees, plus big clothing companies have surplus clothing dumped on the markets which completely kills the huge missed opportunity for locals to start textile factories, clothing manufacturing and industries with paid wages . so by forcing second hand markets denies Kenyans the chance create their own companies and businesses.

  7. cyrus2728 сказал:

    im wondering if the consumption af khat as a stimulant is more widespread in poorer countrys as is it an appetite supressant,so handy if you dont have a lot to eat or if its just a cultural thing as the enviromental conditions are good for growth

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