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Quito – Welcome to the closest national capital to the sun and join us as we explore all its hottest attractions. When ready, browse vacation packages to Quito: …

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  1. nicky c. сказал:

    Terre d Ecuador aux multiples trésors, de ton paradis que je chéris, de tes souvenirs exquis, vers toi je volerai encore et encore. De tes plus beaux efforts, il t appartient ce qui t honore. Tel ton emblème le Condor, vers toi je volerai encore et encore. Ecuador oui je t adore mon si précieux Trésor. Amitiés de France ???????????

  2. Belinda Castro сказал:

    Thank you so much for these videos Expedia. I truly love them and use them every Friday for my Spanish classes. The videos help students visualize the countries we always talk about. If you would make videos on all of the Spanish speaking countries, then that would be super awesome! I can't wait to visit Quito, Ecuador!

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