PIRATES ON COAST OF VENEZUELA (Venezuelan Fishing Industry)

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We discovered a small fishing settlement with signs of Pirate Activity. My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indigo.traveller/ -All my Venezuela Videos: …

38 мыслей о “PIRATES ON COAST OF VENEZUELA (Venezuelan Fishing Industry)

  1. Coline ELLE сказал:

    L’impressionnante chute du Venezuela, un pays incroyablement riches en ressources…J'ai voyagé 2 fois dans ce pays, durant plusieurs mois; la diversité des paysages est magique, les Llanos, les Andes etc etc , je garde en moi de merveilleux souvenirs et je pense souvent à eux, ces hommes, ces femmes et enfants qui subissent depuis quelques années, une vie devenue très difficile. Mon coup de cœur au Venezuela : Choroni . ?

  2. Nkanyiso Madlala сказал:

    Hi Nick, this is great work. I live in South Africa, the throwing of stones, crime, robberies is the same as Venezuela & we are not in war or hyper inflation, as of 2020 we are number 5 in highest crime affected countries in the world. I so wish our young politicians (EFF) in particular who praise Venezuela Socialism would see this & WAKE UP! Socialism is seriously flawed. Please visit South Africa sometime! Our case is different, the world media doesnt show the carnage of bloodshed on the streets. The world needs to know about whats happening here!

  3. Lola Lola сказал:

    Many of them felt uncomfortable with the questions. I understand you are trying to get all the information that you can and that you mean well but when someone doesn't really want to participate, they should have left alone

  4. Annie Cruz сказал:

    I have to say, I’m quite impressed by the people in Venezuela. Not one piece of garbage on the floor. They take good care of their towns no matter the situation. God bless them and I pray things get better for them.

  5. G Buz сказал:

    I just found your series. Love it! Your intro seems a bit too long is my only suggestion. Keep up the great work. I thought seriously about doing like this someday… when and if I retire.

  6. JL BREMER сказал:

    So crazy for me to see others near the bay or ocean “struggling”. I live near the east coast of Virginia USA. We still have people struggling near the bay but for me to see such beautiful country and then struggle so close to it is sad. Hurts my heart. The water the sea should be positive and motivating… and healing … I hope things get better for you all. Thanks for sharing ..

  7. V M сказал:

    To be totally correct all Citys world wide have good and bad areas so Venezuela is no different. Venezuela has affluent areas and poor areas just the same as anywhere else so in my opinion Venezuela is no different than Paris or London or New York to name a new. If you have the money life is excellent in Venezuela just as it would be in Tenerife Espãna. No reason to sensationalize or single out Venezuela.

  8. Marcos Antonio de Lima Vasconcelos сказал:

    Existem cinco milhões de venezuelanos vivendo fora do pais. Saíram do pais motivados pela crise económica e politica. Se a maioria tivesse condições económicas, a Venezuela seria um vazio demográfico. Se o Brasil fosse extremamente rico, poderia abrigar a maioria da população venezuelana. Os nossos irmãos sao muito educados e iriam enriquecer muito a nossa economia. Deixariam sozinhos o ditador Maduro e os seus narcotraficantes. O pais eh uma vergonha. O vice- presidente eh o chefe do cartel de cocaína junto com o Estado-maior das forças armadas. Quase ninguem fala isso na imprensa mundial. Soh algumas publicações independentes. Um sobrinho da mulher de Maduro foi preso com 500 quilos de cocaína em Miami. E Maduro teve a desfaçatez de falar que era perseguição a sua família. Ele acha que 500 quilos de cocaína eh pouco? Acha sim pois o seu cartel exporta muitas vezes mais que isto. O povo passa fome e muitos políticos do Brasil consideram a Venezuela uma democracia. Eu, como brasileiro sinto nojo desses moleques criminosos travestidos de políticos. Por que eles não se mudam de vez para lá. Ou Cuba. Ou Coreia do Norte. No Brasil não fariam falta alguma. Seriam devidamente esquecidos. Ainda bem que um candidato de direita ganhou as eleições no meu pais. Se não tivesse ganho, seriamos outra Venezuela.

  9. nickname 1 сказал:

    Your videos are the best I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    I live in Europe and I went to Venezuela in 2009, being a 12 year old back then, visiting my brother who used to live there for almost a year.
    I had the best time of my life in Venezuela – friendly people, good food and I really didn't feel unsafe.
    It is devastating to see, what this beautiful country has become.
    All my love goes out to the people who still live there.

  10. Cesar Olivero S сказал:

    This man don't show the best Venezuelan beachs, This video is for the bad situation and economical crisis over the region, but Venezuelan is pretty, you only needed go to meet the magical places of my country Venezuelan! Greettings From Port Ordaz, Bolivar state!

  11. Na-vin Ragoo сказал:

    I live just a stones throw away from the Venezuelan main land that's the Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the amount of pirates attack that our local fisher men suffer from he hands of the Venezuelan national guard and indeed the Venezuelan fisher men it's scary they often take their engines their catch and even their boats killing Trinidadian nationals in the process. You should visit and get the full picture or piracy not just that of those Venezuelan people.

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