Peter Santenello's SAUDI TRIP is Anti-Religious? ?? (Muslim Response)

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RE: Peter Santenello ‘s trip to Saudi Arabia. Does it have anti-Islam & Anti-saudi propaganda? My response as a Muslim to what I have seen. الانطباع الأول عن …

23 мысли о “Peter Santenello's SAUDI TRIP is Anti-Religious? ?? (Muslim Response)

  1. Usman Khan сказал:

    I watched the video and it was too much for me to absorb. Watching the decendants of our beloved Sahabas in a position like that is so disturbing. I have visited Saudia back in 2015 for Umrah. After watching the video, it seems that everything has changed so much

  2. Sha Za сказал:

    Thank you for pointing out the topics sister. I had lot to say about his presentation about Saudi culture, you made it easy and to the point. At personal level, I don't know Mr. Peter, so I don't and cannot question his character. However the way he portrayed Saudi, does not show the real picture of Saudi.

  3. Jasmine сказал:

    I’m a saudi female and only started wearing hijab this year, never wore niqab, never was forced, never was harassed – in respond to what he said about enforcing to cover-.
    I got so upset when I watched this video, this is not my country! He is definitely making these videos for bad intentions

  4. Nyccalas B. сказал:

    Can you consider doing a video on courtship and how to get to a marriage standing point for Muslims who don't date or don't have parents/guardians to set them up? I'm not Muslim, but I'm so fascinated!
    Thank you for your time!

  5. Amara Selene сказал:

    I so agree with a lot of what you said, I'm not Muslim as you know, but people look at me weird in America when I say I want to be modest, or don't want to get tattoos because of my religion, they treat me like I'm being forced. When I haven't felt more liberated in my whole life.

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