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Palm Springs has drawn Hollywood A-listers to its radiant heart for decades! See why as we explore this sun-baked paradise. Check out all the places we visited …

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  1. Corey Mondello сказал:

    Palm Springs may be my new home! Thinking about moving to Palm Springs. Anyone have any suggestions of websites or groups online to visit to get more info about jobs, life, fun, shopping, rents, housing, car insurance, medical care, schooling for adults, etc. would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  2. Peter N сказал:

    I haven't been to heaven but I've been to Palm Springs. I'm guessing they're the same. We've been there half a dozen times to golf but what amazes me is the service industry. Being from Canada we really don't have the same level that Palm Springs does so it's a real treat.

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