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Pakistan’s surprise! Hunza Valley has the coolest combination of people and mountains. ▻ Filmed Dec. 2019 ▻ FAYEEM’S GUESTHOUSE: …


  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    ► NOTE: This trip was filmed back in December.

    Thank you to all of you that made this video happen! Every character in this video added to it in a valuable way; from Alexander the Great to my favorite singer Don Zahid at The University of Lahore. A special thanks to Fayeem and Kaleem for touring me around for the day. I have to say Hunza is one of my favorite places on the planet. It has a lot going for it: very cool people, beautiful landscapes, organic food, low crime, education, deep culture, exceptional hospitality, and a strong sense of community. The world has a lot to learn from this valley. And thanks to all of you who have watched and supported this channel, it means the world to me 🙂 Next video soon about Peshawar.

    Some of you were asking about the song that Don Zahid one of the PhD students was singing while at The University of Lahore. Someone just found it. The lyrics are beautiful. Check it out:

  2. Maryam Rehman сказал:

    I donot get just one thing that outer world media consider pakistan as terrorist but isnot it idiotic as we are the only people affected by it massively we are the ones who lost our lovedones in this fight anybody with brain can say it is from somebody wants to harm Pakistan

  3. Naseer Qureshi сказал:

    The vast majority population of Pakistan doesn't even know that Pakistan is that magical and never visited places that you have. Thanks for projecting Pakistan in a positive light and not capitulating to the massive nefarious propaganda.

  4. Himalayan Overland сказал:

    i would always love to visit this place which is there deep in my heart.. Super beautiful mountains, nice people hopefully, lovely organic food. I am not sure if Indians are allowed up there or whether is is advisable for Indians to visit Hunza. Anyways WOW Peter..

  5. Mister T Mapogo сказал:

    What an Himalayan blunder by the first Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru to let this beautiful part of the planet remain illegally with Pakistan, when it was legally ceded to India along with the entire kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir by Maharaja Harisingh, the erstwhile ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. Such a friendly and well educated people. Almost everybody can speak in English…Amazing. Hope it becomes a part of India soon.

  6. BILAL AHMAD сказал:

    i warmly welcome to u peter from the core of my heart.
    U come here again u will be my guest.
    And there in KPK alot of historical things we will drop u there of own cost. hhhh that will be ur hospitability.
    love u.
    tnx for seeing my post.

  7. Waseem Khan сказал:

    I wonder how it would have been when whole of Jammu&Kashmir was together….. U can feel how different we people are from other ethnicities of India and Pakistan….
    Peter you must come to other side of Kashmir as well..

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