On SOMALIA BEACH looking for PIRATES (Extreme Travel Somalia)

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I am on the coast of Somalia searching for Pirates. -2 Months Free on Skillshare Premium: https://skl.sh/indigotraveller12 -My Instagram for photos of Somalia: …

49 мыслей о “On SOMALIA BEACH looking for PIRATES (Extreme Travel Somalia)

  1. DÄRK KnÎGHT сказал:

    Why are you hating on Somalia man especially with that intro. Are u fueling a propaganda or something why don't you visit Mogadishu even Drew Binsky did and had a really good time there. I bet you haven't visited Mogadishu then you here showing the people that news intro about Somalia. My point is, if u wanna make a conclusion about something. Look at two sides of the coin if that makes any sense. ✌

  2. Matt Twinkletoes сказал:

    6:19 he didnt get deported "because of Donald Trump" or "because of the blacklist". He got deported because he is not a US citizen and he broke (too many) laws. If Somaliland is so safe (it looks fine to me) then why are there hundreds of thousands of them applying for and receiving asylum all over the west?

  3. Kamil Venta сказал:

    I’m sure it is safe as long as you have permission to be there and an onerous of locals armed with AK’s to protect you. This is cultural relativism at it’s finest, welcome to the mind set of the guilt ridden regressive white leftist. Who thinks only White’s are evil and racist meanwhile all other non white nations are heavens of tranquility even though the evidence clearly shows the opposite to be true.

  4. - сказал:

    Its sad the guy who got deported i feel like if you’re in a country for years and shown that you can have a job and contribute to the economy why deport them? they’ve shown that they’re worthy of living here. Maybe he didn’t mind it alot but theres alot of peoples familys who get broken apart because of it

  5. Theresa May сказал:

    At 11:30, you got ripped off because there is no way that fruit should have cost 6 dollars. That guy in the red t shirt you travelled with probably spoke to the guy and told him to charge you more, you know, to help his fellow countryman out whist he had the opportunity

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