North THAILAND VLOG // Pai – Chiang Mai

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Vlog #1 Hey guys, this vlog was made when i was travelling from Pai to Bangkok early August. Apologies for the bad quality of audio on first song. What do you …

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  1. Lucas G сказал:

    I had to come and watch your first vlog. I have to say I'm happy I watched the newer episodes before, otherwise I'd be really sad when you said goodbye to Joe here! This was already great back then and it's awesome to see now how the content naturally progressed. Happy for your success, and thank you for making these series. Already my favourite channel.

  2. Hilary Pace сказал:

    I just had a look at your 1st video. Your a natural right off the bat! I have been deliberating for over a year now to start ….. anxiety every time I go in front of the camera. Hit a mental block. I am heading for 50 and need to spice things up and learn new things …. have to get over all the inhibitions, too old, do not look good behind camera, dislike of my voice blah blah. Thank you for inspiring me … you make it look so easy LOL. Just have to bite the bullet and do it! Thank you Nick.

  3. Donal Mac Cormaic сказал:

    Nepal Earthquake Video you linked is blocked for viewing in Ireland, where I am. Message reads "Video unavailable

    This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." Whats is sme? small and medium enterprise?

  4. Joseph Magraw сказал:

    Time to truly start from the beginning 🙂 love your videos man don't go changing to try and please us 😉 your style is what makes your videos different. I was just through the india trip and thought f*** it I'll start from the bottom again! By the time I get to the top I should have a nice stack of fresh content to indulge in. Hope you are enjoying your break Nick peace man

  5. reuben mele сказал:

    I wanted to see your early videos.. it’s funny man. Can see your nervousness and awkwardness. Ha. Love it. You have came a long ways- coming from a fan of you. I see a “where you started to where you are now” video in your future! Feeling hopeful about that anyways.
    Cheers man.

  6. Jack Bronson сказал:

    Hey man i've literally spent a whole day watching your videos lol – big fan. Im travelling SE Asia next year and was wondering to start in either Bangkok or Hanoi? I've never done backpacking before and plan on seeing Cambodia too. Cheers from London

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