NORTH KOREA TRAIN JOURNEY ?? (Second Class Ticket)

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47 мыслей о “NORTH KOREA TRAIN JOURNEY ?? (Second Class Ticket)

  1. Nurlinda F Sihotang сказал:

    Ah…every where, the people just lived their life as they are.
    My country does not condone the kim regime. But hate the people? No way. We still have trade relations. People.from north korea travel or study in my country and vise versa. What their government does is rarely have anything to do with them. They have that wicked subtle dark humour, those north korean were. Love them.

  2. davidkharat1 сказал:

    Hi Indigo, I really enjoy your videos. They are very true and objective. I have been learning about some of the countries which you introduced.
    I am hundred percent sure that your mission is to share your adventures trips with other people.
    Your video on traveling to the Iraq border from south of Iran was fascinating. You have guts of Christopher Columbus .
    Please keep it up.

  3. Jim Shue сказал:

    Why not just stay home and play Russian ruelet ? Just as exciting and a lot less dangerous! And for all you English teachers I'm sure I spelled something wrong , and punctuation ? So get over it !

  4. Doug Tagg сказал:

    Thank you for your video. It reminded me of my travels in Cuba during the special period in the early nineties. A terrible political situation with the United States but with real people and their normal lives

  5. bob brookman сказал:

    I think that if you spent a little less time on the largely unnecessary disclaimers and more on the actual purported subject matter your videos might be considerably more interesting. If you can’t find the balls to pursue the subject simply give up and stop wasting people’s time.

  6. Gary Cunningham сказал:

    The only thing to hate about North Korea is the unhinged, neurotic, delusional leadership. These are clearly decent, honest, hardworking and very conscientious people that are ruled by fear. The country itself has some marvellous scenery and could be so much better under better circumstances. I so feel for the people here but as for Kim Jong Un, goodness knows what is going off in his head. Try getting the loyalty of your people through love not fear.

  7. T Thinker сказал:

    I can think of little more terrifying than traveling in North Korea. If they become even a little suspicious of you, you go to prison, and you may not survive. Truly terrifying. Brave young man. It's really great to get to see a little inside North Korea – one of the most opaque countries in the world.

  8. christopher Lucy сказал:

    I don't know how you could get away with filming that much I never felt comfortable taking a camera even to North Vietnam or Iran..a British friend of mine went with his family for a short journey NK . train is similar to Vietnam

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