NEW ZEALAND TO ASIA | The Start of Something

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Shoutout to Jasper the dog for clearing his busy schedule to feature in this. I am currently in India releasing regular Vlogs. Thanks for watching! MY FIRST VLOG: …

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  1. W Kenneth сказал:

    Thanks for starting this channel. I am starting my own travel channel and I wanted to learn from vloggers I admire, so I went back to this first video and really enjoyed the accelerated sequences and the shots of the sea.

  2. Aazib khan сказал:

    I saw your first video of a 22 hours train Journey through Iran a couple days back, I liked it alot. I wanted to see the complete list of your videos.. They are awesome, starting today, I am going to watch each one of your videos.
    Great work.. Keep it up!!

  3. Newme Now сказал:

    kaikoura – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH !!!! my son was scateboarding at the very same little skatepark next to the ocean. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS PLACE FOR AS LONG AS I EXIST HERE OR IN ANY DIMENSION

  4. Marj Manlunas сказал:

    The first video I saw of yours was the North Korea one where you went to this amazing mountain area (the one where you said that was built mainly for South Korean tourists but of course not anymore). And then I started watching more of your videos from India, Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia, Egypt… etc! You are a great storyteller Nick! I swear I binge watch your videos like it's Netflix. Really amazing. Keep it up! Your humor is on point to! Makes me literally LOL. Now you inspire me to travel more and meet locals! — Marji from the Philippines

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